Major Nelson Interviews Albert about the new Xbox 360 Elite

An exclusive interview revealing new details about the Xbox 360 Elite.

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MEGANE4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

urs its what u get now..give it a month n this what u get...THE RED RING OF DEATH

JOLLY14751d ago

It is a pretty nice looking box. There will be no fingerprints on that!

MEGANE4751d ago

Lets see who fix the problem first... i just have to clean it up.
N u have to send it

Hymons4751d ago

They are disagreeing with everything lol. Anyway, nice bill, and (for the people who disagree) I don't see how you would get VISUAL fingerprints on that box lol. I actually find the black to be good looking, it makes the ring stand out more. Gives it more of that I'M ON! look.. lol.

nix4750d ago

that was a good one... LOL! q:

just found it funny fanboys, don't burn!

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AllroundGamer4751d ago

:))) btw. MS is really desperate now, and copying everything from PS3... HDMI? We dont need it! Bigger HDD? Why oh why?! White is the nextgen color! So whats next? They implement a card reader and wifi in the next SKU? :)

power of Green 4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

MS's scared because they have 11 million fans they also have IPTV and partners Net-Flix and the best line-up in games in memory so they added HDMI because they fear Sony. It was the only thing MS could do in this war because the battle between PS3 and the 360 are so close. HDMI was the only option they also are making Devs bring Exclusive PS games over to the 360 because they are scared . lol PS3 is just a games system/dvd player its oldschool im sure one day it will be a Home Entertainment System.