IGN Previews: Enchanted Arms

Months ago, From Software and Ubisoft delivered the Xbox 360's first traditional turn-based RPG. With random battles, plot driven exploration and loads of cinema driven special battles, the arrival of Enchanted Arms was a good addition for the genre on Microsoft's system, which only had Final Fantasy and the epic Oblivion for fans to experience. Now, months later, Enchanted Arms is making its way to the PS3, marking the first turn-based RPG on Sony's Cell-driven system. However, much more than a basic port of the game, the PS3 version has received a number of subtle gameplay enhancements to take advantage of the Sixaxis controller.

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Bebedora4758d ago

I must say it's a good game. No graphic marvels like [email protected] or such but a tantalizing story and a nice combat system if you are in to TB combats. Good humor mixed with the more serious matters happening in the game story.

If you like JRPGs this is a good game, and as such you should know about it as well. :)