Gametrailers once again slips up

South Side Gamer writes: "Many people remember when the Grid Comparison fiasco happened over a year ago on Gametrailers, it was later explain to be a mistake by a video editor. But is this truly a mistake again or another botched video used to create drama causing a surge in traffic to the forums? Xmen Origins: Wolverine was recently edited to the xbox 360's favor. Influencing one product over another through false advertising. Basically instead of doing a "Fair" comparison they used only one source then switched the differences via a video editing program. Or some of us didn't know that the playstation 3 has a A button."

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Bordel_19004468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

The whole article is based on a video that doesn't show what the (maybe) fake picture shows. Where's the evidence?

Upload the video where this picture is grabbed from, and I'll believe it.



Burst my bubble?

I know there's an other thread about this. I'm just saying there's no evidence, just a picture that claims it's been grabbed from the video, and the linked viedo does not look like the picture at all. So, either GT changed the video (I doubt that), or the picture is photoshop'ed (I find this more likely at this point).

50CALheadshot4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )


edit: true. true i see what you did.

on topic:
did you know that within this current gen, flametrailers has practiced this frequently?

snipermk04468d ago

The video editor is a clear xbox fanboy and I won't be surprised if he did indeed sabotage the comparison.

MercWithAmouth4468d ago

Read the comments on the video from when it first came up.

Bordel_19004468d ago


I've read the first comments on the HD vid, and many complain about the "Press A" thing.

I guess GT really flocked up,..... again.... these guys deserve a really beating.

I did not murder him4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

bu bu bu 3 people say they seen A button on the PS3 side in the GT comment section. GT are the only media doing comparisons you know ;)

Eurogamer is payed off by GT and they're out to get the PS3 by making a editing error that doesn't really matter both versions were shown even if this really happened. Because of this the PS3 version of multi platform games are no longer inferior. It was all fake GT lied to us the PS3 versions of multi platform games were actually better. The media base the reviews and their articles on what GT tells them.

Ichiryoka4468d ago

Go to about 1:20 into the trailer and watch the close up of the face and hair. Tell me which version you see the most detail.

anh_duong4468d ago

i am suprised peope say gt are biased. here is proof that thery always treat xbox ps3 comparisons fairly:

Bordel_19004468d ago


LOL! thanks for the link, that was a funny thread :)

gambare4468d ago

yes, the article is different.

BTW I saw the first video and I thought it was just me watching that "A" button in the PS3 side, they did it on purpose because the PS3 version looked better than the 360 version, the game was made first on the PS3 and the textures from the bosses loaded way faster than the 360 version and many other details, after that they edited the video. It's no the first time they disguise the videos to favor the 360, just like Lens of Truth, when they made the comparisons they picked areas where the blur effect put on the PS3 version of HAWX made it look like the PS3 version had "washed out" textures, but that's a fake, and they didn't put the limited horizon of the 360 version just to mention a few differences that IGN remarked between both versions.

Biased analysts from biased sites.

barom4468d ago

hahahah that thread was funny stuff

Microsoft Xbox 3604468d ago

Original video of the comparison:

In this vid you could clearly see the xbox button on the PS3 side.

LOL @ Gametrailers. Clowns think they can get away with it.

pixelsword4468d ago

On the PS3 side, the 360 buttons are visible. I do knot know where else they may have switched it.

Baka-akaB4468d ago


Why would you doubt they switched the video ? They always did that once scandals started .

DaTruth4468d ago

"Bu, bu, but, teh 360 alwayz gets teh better version... Axe Gametrailers!"

Bet you 360 fanboys feel stupid now! Yet next time we will still see the, "Ha PS3 gets teh own again!" in the comments of the next GTcomparison!

CaseyRyback_CPO4467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

Is that they changed the colors from one side to the other.

Why would the 360 side on both screens be anything but identical? I know its because it was supposed to show the ps3's "washed out colors" But since they were using the 360 accidentally for both sides..

whats with the color change?

Jaces4467d ago

And this is why comparisons are useless since you can't trust anything you see nowadays on the net.

But whatever. Great game by the way.

tplarkin74467d ago

His screenshot is bogus and is not from the video at Gametrailers. Besides, he has the "A button" bar going across the whole screen which is impossible since the screen is split between 360 and PS3.

HDgamer4467d ago

How is the video fake? Its what came from Gametrailer's themselves before it was removed then re-edited again.

Yipee Bog4467d ago

on the xbox labeled video. ultimately they both look the same, and the game may just be tolerable, movie tie-in wise that is.

UltimateIdiot9114467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

With the help of Sherlock Holmes, we have reach a conclusion. GT has been placing filters on the PS3 version probably for a long time now.

I never liked these comparison mainly because the ps3 footage never seem to look the same as it is on my tv/monitor. I hope GT responds to this because I really want to see what BS they are going to tell us now.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi4468d ago

Since the fiasco last year I've been scanning the crap out of their comparison vids. Not that i care about which one looks better but just to calm my suspicions that GT were biased. They've been clean since. When i looked at the wolverine comparison i didn't notice an error. It's possible that they fixed it later but nothing can be confirmed about this. I'll wait for GT's response.

Oh yea.... and this is a duplicate.

Rock Bottom4468d ago

Here's the original video (credit to MaN_uTd)

Also if it was a honest mistake with GRIDE, how did the PS3 side had washed out colors and was made to look inferior to the 360 side, when both sides were the game running on a 360?!!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi4468d ago

I guess that pretty much proves it -_-

pixelsword4468d ago

the video shows 360 buttons on the PS3 side. That part is important because the draw distance is significant on the PS3's side, which looks blurry. Also notice @ :52 that's when they switch back. I do not know if they have it elsewhere, but I suspect they do when they have those backdrops with the PS3 and 360 screens so they can hide the buttons @ :20 to hide the QTE.

Abash4468d ago

It looks like they play around with the contrast and brightness of the PS3 version imo. I've compared certain games by demo for both 360 and PS3 and there is barely any difference.

Bordel_19004468d ago

That's true, I also think GT have been playing around with gamma, colour, contrast and brightness. Some of the PS3 videos have looked very washed out and dull on their videos, while on my LCD screen at home the colours look deep and vibrant, the contrast is much much better etc. So, yeah, I'm not saying GT aren't biased, I'm only saying I don't believe this picture that claims to be from the video.

50CALheadshot4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

its probably because they hook up the ps3 to a whack tv.

Depending on the capabilities of your set, you can turn on x.y.v color, among several other video enhancements in your ps3 and tv. doing so results in a much better picture in both games, and BLURAY FILMS.
those of you that have good equipment know what i mean.

I did not murder him4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

Eurogamer does this too ;)

They hook the PS3 to SDTVs with coaxial connections.


I did not murder him4468d ago

They didn't play around with my settings.

Example. Red faction on my PS3 has worse contrast and not as vibrant color with less detail. I have the same settings for both my PS3 and 360 auxiliary channels.

DaTruth4468d ago

Reality bites, doesn't it?

"bu, bu, but, Teh 360 is teh more powerful, just look at teh Wolverine multiplat!"

The Lazy One4467d ago

it's probably not hooked up to a TV at all. Most likely to a video capture card and a PC.

Chances are they are using the same settings for both number wise (like brightness, contrast, saturation etc all set at 50), but the settings different on the systems themselves.

I really don't think it's worth their time or money to spend extra time making one version look worse.

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Strife Lives4468d ago

If its always a mistake,doesnt anyone ever view the videos to check them before being put up?is it that unregulated?I dont know,GT is doing this for traffic hits,Im sure they've had a flood of people there since

50CALheadshot4468d ago

if they admitted to manipulation, they could be sued and shut down for defamation of branding or something even more twisted and clever

The Lazy One4467d ago

they would lose a lot to publicity, but if they did get sued they'd only have to use a defense like "Is this product the product released for your console?" "yea..." "Is this footage actual game footage that hasn't been altered from the product released from your console?" "Yes"

It's not really defamation to show a product in an unfavorable light as long as you are showing the product itself. It's the same reason pepsi doesn't get sued by coke for the pepsi challenge commercials, even though they only ever show people picking pepsi.

Strife Lives4468d ago

They say they use the consoles on standard settings.which is bs.mainly cuz,Im not sure if their using AV cables instead of HDMI and,they have that color RGB thing to limited instead of full.and it makes a huge difference.with it on limited(standard setting) ,contrast seems lowered,color seems lowered but brightness goes up a lot.

DaTruth4468d ago

It has nothing to do with RGB, they are just plain doctoring the footage. They probably turn up the brightness, reduce contrast and switch the settings.