OXCGN Month In Review (April): All Quiet On The Gaming Front

"April's seen little in the way of major releases, simply bridging the gap between the key game release months of February and June. Not that it's been a problem - recently I've been revisiting old favourites as well as checking out some of the more unusual titles that hide on the back shelves of EB, usually behind a random EA Sports title or blocked from view by such 'quality' games as Imagine: Babies.

After store searching all over Brisbane I finally managed to track down a copy of one of my favourite games of the last generation: Jet Set Radio Future on Xbox. Despite replaying it 7 years later it has lost none of its charm and innovation, feeling more 'next-gen' than half the games being released right now. If anyone hasn't experienced the amazing gameplay perfection of JSRF (or the original on Dreamcast, Jet Set Radio or Jet Grind Radio depending on where you live) you can find it cheap and it's definitely worth it."

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Godem5019d ago

its so true about gaming being pretty quiet, there have been barley any decent hyped up releases this year so far except RE5 and KZ2. But thats it... it seems gaming could be a bit boring until August or later.

darkmurder5019d ago

We just need to wait for E3, hopefully some big name games will be announced that everyone is hoping for.

gaminoz5019d ago

And as usual all of the biggies will be dumped in that same overcrowded end of year period. Sigh.

DoctorQ5019d ago

Gaminoz, you are so rite, urgh, they always do it, i bet next year, AC2 and ME2 come out within a week of each other!!!

XboxOZ3605019d ago

You REALLY would think that some publishers would get the message - wouldn't you. I certainly would If I was working in there. And use times where gamers are hanging out for games when they are thin on the shelves as a launch window, rather than when there's so many games within ONE WEEK, that most gamers choose the top-tier AAA titles over anything else.

Unlike videos, you get TWO weeks in which to sell your product hard on launch, after that it slows down and is a trikle of sales but nothing like the first 2 weeks. Now add that into say 5 titles within say 10 days of each other, all commanding high $$ (RRP), and you can see the problem.

Bean counters (suits) do not see that sit=de, they simply see the math of "possible sales" and work it in with annual stock share reports so they look good for the shareholders. They give a little regard or thought to the $$ a gamer has really.

Sorla135019d ago

omg, i remember that game, i can see it on my shelf now, written in the EB games handwriting on the sleeve, indicating i got one without a case....
still the best gamme i have played in a while
awesome stuff

REALgamer5019d ago

The disc is from that Xbox bundle that has JSRF and Sega GT 2002 on the same disc, though EB sells it as JSRF since no-one wants Sega GT.

I had the original game when I first got my Xbox though at launch. Loved it so much...I wonder where the developer Smilebit went? They were Sega's Xbox developer, there was GunValkyrie as well from them.

I miss classic Sega. =(

Immortal Kaim5019d ago

I'm sorta over gaming atm. Nothing has really peaked my interest lately, I'm thinking Little King Story on Wii looks kind of cool though.

REALgamer5019d ago (Edited 5019d ago )

June will be Open World Month. Look at the games being released:

Infamous (PS3)
Prototype (360,PS3)
Bionic Commando (360,PS3)
Red Faction (360,PS3)

And in Australia and Europe:
Star Ocean (360)
Tales of Vesperia (360)

Jet Set Radio Future is definitely one of the best games on the old Xbox. Loved it, wish there was a sequel.

darkmurder5019d ago

Not only that, add in E3 and we're finally set!