Top 7 Reasons People Quit Linux

Keir Thomas, PC World: I've been writing Linux guidebooks for some time, and it's fair to say that most people who buy my books are Windows users looking to make the leap to Linux (or perhaps just wondering what the fuss is about).

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Jrome4529d ago

I dual boot linux and windows xp.

I'm on XP for 90% of the week because, well I'm used to windows and windows supports a lot of things. I also need to update my Zune etc. I also like the filesystem on windows better because it's easier to find my way around when the folders have names that make sense. Of course, this could also be because I'm more used to windows.

I'm pretty knowledgable in linux now, but linux does not really benefit me enough to make the full switch. Windows meets my needs and thats all I want.

Lumbo4529d ago (Edited 4529d ago )

I use several server systems running Linux, it is a fast and efficient system. And i switched a few of the PC-noob friends that constantly called me whenever something went wrong on their WindowsOS (every 3 or 4 days...) to linux and thereby reduced the amount of time i had to fix broken drivers and stuck wlan cards to a minimum. Cause once installed and setup a linux system is incredibly stable for the user. Contrary to the average Windows setup.

It is a common practice in the windows world to reinstall the OS at least once a year to avoid it getting more and more unresponsive. A Linux desktop will stay usable like the day after it was installed.

Still i use Windows for myself, cause i do know what to do and how to fix its many quirky issues, and because gaming on a linux system limits you to a certain few commercial games as the OS is widely unsupported.

edgeofblade4529d ago

I have Linux on a virtual machine and on my PS3. In general, it's too much trouble. Every time I want to figure something out, it's off to a forum filled with snarkaholic sysadmins who think they're clever.

This article really seems to miss the point. Linux users brag about how little space the OS takes up or that it's free. On the other hand, Windows does a lot of the nitty gritty details for you so you don't have to "get used to" the command line. If you have a smart GUI operating system, you don't need to ever touch the command line. Why can't X function be rolled into a GUI?

The problem with Linux in general is that it askes the users to conform to the computer rather than vice versa. We live in a GUI world. I should not have to "get used to" anything.

Finalfantasykid4529d ago

I have been using ubuntu for a few months now, and since 9.04, I've pretty much doubled my usage of the OS. I haven't even touched XP for this past week!

Rorkimaru4529d ago

I use Ubuntu Linux exclusively. I often end up having to use a windows machine for college or to help my parents out when the scary computer machine opened a window they've never seen before but on my own PC I use Linux and could never go back. It's faster, more user friendly, has better support (peer to peer) than I've ever experienced with windows and it just works.

Whenever I have to go back to using a windows machine I miss all the little details like multiple desktops and a nice organized way of accessing programs, files and settings.

And I do a lot of PC work as well. I make my own computer games (though I've never made any I'd deem internet worthy), edit sound, video and photos. I type my reports and illustrate them. I create .pdfs and even websites all with free and open source alternatives to the programs windows users throw thousands of euros away on each year.

rambi804529d ago

I used linux on my ps3.

I liked it but you do have to invest a lot of time into getting the best experience - but it is not as hard as ppl think.
The learning curve is just REALLY sharp in the beginning. Spent a lot of time in forums.

But the lack of games will always be critical

Xephon084529d ago

About a week ago i made a full switch from xp to ubuntu 9.04 its been smooth sailing from there on, i get to run WoW which was the only reason i stayed with xp, other then that its nice to see my computer booting fast and staying fast.

Ubuntu has been a great experience people on forums are friendly which is contrary to the stereotype, I'd suggest everyone here at least try ubuntu its one amazing os.

Viper74529d ago

I am also using Ubuntu, I also have Vista PC, but I rarely use it (sometimes when I want to go and play some computer games like Civ4, AOE etc etc)

Ppl who have used Linux on their Ps3 should not jugde Linux trough those experiences. Ps3 can use Linux, but the hardware support isnt really the best as Sony hasnt relased any sort of drivers for it. It will probably need hellish tweaking and learning to get it run even half decently. On PC its a lot more userfriendly.

"I also like the filesystem on windows better because it's easier to find my way around when the folders have names that make sense."

Well dunno excatly what you mean as Ubuntu has pretty much the same file system as windows. If you mean System files, then the folder names are a bit shorter than in windows, but I have used linux for a while now and I have only needed to go there to config x (using HD-tv as monitor, so...)

But for my experience the things that might turn ppl off from linux are basicly:
1. Driver problems - Some GPU:s (usualy ATI) need some tweaking to get the right drivers. Altho they might work with standard driver but to get 3D effects you might need to do some work.

2. Wlan wifi: wireless connections can really be pain in the ass if the hardware provider hasnt made linux drivers or followed any kind of standards.

Its funny tough, how majority of Linux problems are related to hardware and software support.

xbollox4528d ago

the OS is not important anymore, soon everything will happen in a browser.
even gaming: google is preparing full hardware acceleration and multi core access via a Chrome browser plugin.

this is why linux is the future: lean, mean, stable, fast and best of all: open source

vista is the GM of OSs: fat, slow, self indulgent, corrupt, an obsolete resource hog for ignorant morons who are afraid of trying something new

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Jdoki4529d ago

My laptop runs Windows, but if I just need to do something quick and can't be bothered to wait for Windows to boot I use a Linux build on a thumb drive

Just plug it in, and a few seconds later I'm running. Saves having to dual boot the machine.

Best versions to stick on a thumb drive are Puppy Linux or Ubuntu (needs U904p.exe to make Ubuntu persistent). Not tried PendriveLinux yet.

Finalfantasykid4529d ago

There's also DSL(Damn Small Linux), which is pretty popular.

Evocation4529d ago

I give linux a try every few months, each time I get better but I find configuring it the way I want to be quite hard and I make a mistake, it locks something out and I just go back to windows..

last it was lockingsamba out so I couldn't share files with other computers. >.>

CameO734529d ago

#8 It doesn't run the games I want

Don't get me wrong: I love Linux (especially Ubuntu). But if I want to get the most out of my GTX260 video card I have to run Windows. It's just the way it is. Of course you have Wine (which will run Half-life 2 pretty decent), but that will never truly be a solution since it's always three steps behind.

On a related note: Windows Vista was the best thing that could happen to Linux (it got me looking for alternatives)... but Windows 7 won't be.

trgz4529d ago

Who could possibly have disagreed with that post? - it was 100% objective and based on fact.

trgz4529d ago

My main machine is a dual boot with XP & Ubuntu (also had DSL & Puppy Linux installed and got LDG on a stick somewhere), my 'test' laptop is solely Ubuntu (part of the hifi - trying to make a media centre for free).
As for actually using Linux, I'd say I don't really use it per se; it doesn't run any decent games (though I've yet to try Quake Live) and aside from the one occasion I got a virus on my Windows install, and used my Ubuntu boot to get in and clean it, personally speaking I've not really found a real everyday use for it. If you've got XP then most of the things you can do with it are as free as Linux. The Ubuntu install is a viable free alternative to Windows - it's pretty good while it works but problems are harder to resolve and not many PC noobs have Linux-aware buddies

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