X-Blades now available for Steam

Topware Interactive's action title X-Blades is now available for purchase and download on Steam.

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iiprotocolii3551d ago

The game is repetitive and seemed to be put together by a mob of Bronze Medal winners of the Special Olympics. I threw up in my mouth half-way through the game. It feels so bad after you play it that you'll hop in the shower and scrub your skin like some sort of rape victim. In the words of the fat comic book dude from The Simpsons: Worst. Game. Ever.

ChampIDC3551d ago

I can't agree or disagree, as I haven't played it, but you certainly amused me with the way you worded that.

Myst3551d ago

I'd more than likely rather rent it than buy it it. Though it seemed like an interesting concept for a game that just took a wrong turn..

xino3550d ago

It's up to you to download it or not.

I played the game and it was definitely fun but had too many bad problem, in the end you'll get over it.

The music are great!
Not for the faint of heart.

If you just want to have fun without using your brains, scratching your head or getting stressed. This is the game!

asyouburn3550d ago

dude, did we play the same game? this is the worst game ive played this gen. the A I is nonexistent, every enemy is just set to "mob main character". there is enemies you have to shoot to kill, ones you have to slash to kill, and ones that are vulnerable to magic, but they all mob you at the same time, so you get hit constantly and theres nothing you can do. worthless power ups and stupid bosses. instead of making the boss battles challenging, they just give the boss a rediculous life bar and make it so only one move you do can hurt him. LAME. this gsme is so far away from fun, that it takes the light from fun 20, 000 years to reach its surface. believe me, i platinumed it on ps3 (psn adam138) so i know all about this turd. do yourself a favor and stay far away from this one

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