PSN summer releases detailed

Sony is talking up a summer of solid new releases for the PlayStation Network, detailing six of the biggest downloads on their way including a new interactive music game, Detuned.

PixelJunk 1-4 is the one we're waiting for (see the first gameplay trailer below), and PJ Monsters will be cool, too. Q-Games is quite clearly on fire. Following the video is the full release from Sony.

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macalatus5561d ago (Edited 5561d ago )

My fellow Sony gamers, prepare to have your audiovisual senses to be mercilessly attacked with these exclusive PSN games. These quality games prove that Sony care for its loyal gamers. Not only are they of high-quality caliber, but they were also designed to be enjoyed by classy, mature, and highly intelligent gamers. The "misguided children of the video game industry" aka the 360 Xbots will only smirk at these games, calling them as "flops". But I say to you my fellow Sony gamers to just ignore them, for the 360 dimwits are suffering from the disease Xboticus Stupidicus. The only game that they care is a Power Rangers rip-off kiddie game called Halo. Due to their low IQs, there is no way they can comprehend the complexities of Sony's exclusive games.

My Sony friends, though our wallets may suffer, we are going to have one good gaming summer bliss. The 360 social deviants will not care about them but we shouldn't care either what they think. The 360 dimwits will be enjoying their exclusive game called RROD while they wait for MS to announce games like Huxley and Alan Wake; games that may not even come out.

Let us all give thanks to Sony for our promising, bountiful gaming summer.

Sony Gamers Lead the Way!

Cheeseknight285561d ago (Edited 5561d ago )

"The "misguided children of the video game industry" aka the 360 Xbots will only smirk at these games, calling them as "flops"."

Oh yes, because you guys clearly didn't label Too Human, Banjo-Kazooie, and Ninja Blade as flops.

Hypocrite. Can't you just enjoy your games instead of bashing the competition?

"The only game that they care is a Power Rangers rip-off kiddie game called Halo."

And the only game you care about is a mindless bloodbath game called God of War. See, I can do it too.

"Due to their low IQs, there is no way they can comprehend the complexities of Sony's exclusive games."

And due to your low IQ, you cannot comprehend that ALL THE SYSTEMS HAVE GREAT GAMES.

Edit: I just read your bio, and found this "My beliefs goes first!" Are you serious? You actually "believe" in a company... like a religion? And you call other people idiots? Get help dude. You need it.

Coolrah5561d ago (Edited 5561d ago )

don't like getting a taste of your own medicine. Where were the 360 fans saying just enjoy your games when all of them were bashing the ps3. Where were all the humble 360 fans when they said killzone was a flop and just like every other ps3 exclusive was a flop. I think you guys are mad cause you started the console bashing this gen but we the ps3 fans are going to end it probaly. I mean 360 fans started this whole RS2 was a flop....KZ2 was a flop. you guys started all that flop nonsense as you had a game that sold several million units because it had a franchise an a huge marketing campaign behind it. You guys started this sales war and you guys started all this ps3 is doomed crap. Don't get mad when ps3 fans rub it in your face of how wrong you are. Plus atleast the games we called flops...too human,Ninja blade...is because they were and even game reveiw siteds say they were lackluster. Killzone rode on internet hype and 1 commercial that rarely showed so considering its sold 1.5 million units in 3 months is pretty good. I mean 2 wrong don't make it right...But it damn sure makes it even....

snipermk05561d ago

I'm in the fat princess beta and its one of the best team based games I've played.

The_Zeitgeist5561d ago

When are we going to get Resident Evil 2?

Lifendz5561d ago

Here's to the most diverse exclusive lineup ever. And like my friend said to me at my birthday "it only gets better."

PSN: Lifendz

50CALheadshot5561d ago (Edited 5561d ago )

free online

original content

eyebleeding graphics.

moar pleeez

40cal5561d ago (Edited 5561d ago )

Fat Princess, Pixel Junk 1-4, Trine, and Detuned will find there way on to my console, along with MvC2.

50CALheadshot5560d ago

sh1t man, ps3 has some fire games coming out within the next 8 months.

uncharted 2 is gonna be EPIC. galactic, pure raw OWNAGE.

thats just one of the games im gonna be rocking in the black beast

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Ninjamonkey5561d ago


Seriously for games PSN seems to be overtaking XBL. New games are always coming.

I really like the music thing, though I'd like to see sony make another large pSN game like wipeout HD, its brilliant.

Chubear5561d ago

It's way way beyond the gaming you get on Live. Live is just filled with rehashes of old old games but PSN is loaded with actual new IPs in too many genres and price points from tiny$2.99 to small$9.99 to medium$19.99 to large$39.99 games.

If you match up all these PSN games to Live game it's not even comparable.

Cheeseknight285561d ago

Yes, PSN gets plenty of original IPs like Bionic Commando Rearmed, Super Street Fighter, Tekken 5, Worms and Lemmings right?

Why can't people just accept that BOTH services have unique games to offer? Does this site always have to be about bashing the competition? Why can't you just enjoy your games and be happy?

I, for one, am going to enjoy Fat Princess and Pixeljunk 1-4 to go along with my Castle Crashers, Geometry Wars, N+, Pac-Man Championship Edition, Braid, Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie, and Penny Arcade. What about you?

EastCoastSB5561d ago

I guess games like Every Day Shooter, Super Stardust HD, Pixel Junk games, etc don't count as new IPs.

JBaby3435560d ago (Edited 5560d ago )

Echochrome, Flow, Flower, Pain, Cuboid. There is no competition.

BLuKhaos5560d ago

Don't forget Fat Princess.

50CALheadshot5560d ago

i cant front.

FLOWER is hot. its beautiful to witness. it reminds me of the epic intro battle in ff8 between sipher and the main dude with the gunblade.

F3ck i loved that game.

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Max Power5561d ago

that was the first time i saw PJ 1-4 gameplay, its now up on my lists of PSN games.