Not all Blu-ray players will be equal

Promised improved functionality will miff early adopters

PUNTERS THINKING OF buying a Blu-ray disk player should wait until November if they do not want to be saddled with a lemon.
The Blu-ray Disc Association sdays players released after October 31 should have a fuller range of features. For example they will be able to play back picture-in-picture video, as driven by BD Java interactive technology.

While lots of Blu-ray players that are on the shelves can handle BD Java to varying degrees, few can cope with the picture-in-picture capability.

Sony's Blu-ray 'killer application', the PS3 can't do it and neither can all the stand alone models from Pioneer and Philips.

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Caxtus7505234d ago

Hope Sony fix this for their PS3

swordmasterphoen5234d ago

I'm not sure, but I bet this can be done with a system update. Sony has said that more updates will be coming. If it is needed to play BDs, I'm confident Sony will release a system update allowing such features.

Cysquatch5233d ago

If Pioneer was able to fix via firmware update, I'm sure Sony will be able to as well.

nambo5233d ago (Edited 5233d ago )

Maybe Sony can fix this, but HD-DVD already does picture in picture with HDi. So much for Blu-ray being superior. If word of this spreads to average consumers considering buying a PS3 because of the HD movie format, I think this would be an issue of concern for them. Either go with HD-DVD or wait until the Blu-Ray format is standardized. Either way not good for Sony.

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The story is too old to be commented.