New X360 Game (Velvet Assassin) has Dashboard Image On Disk

"We just our review copy of Velvet Assassin in and I noticed something different right off the bat. Velvet Assassin is now sporting the what was once online only dashboard image - offline. Seems that new 360 games will have that small JPEG on the disk, allowing gamers to get a nice look at what's inside their DVD tray when they are offline."

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McErono3459d ago

what is this about? the game picture in the dashboard when a DVD is in the tray? that was there for ages in offline mode. one of my elites is just for offline play (you know what kind of...) and all games have these pictures.

ThaGeNeCySt3458d ago

not all of them have pics... Infinite Undiscovery doesn't have one unless you're online.. there's a bunch of older games that don't have them unless ur online as well

outlawlife3459d ago

yeah i'm not sure what is new about this, every game since NXE launched had this

no1safe3459d ago

Not offline. They were being downloaded if you were connected to XBL. By the way, X-Men Origins: Wolverine also have offline images.

PirateThom3459d ago

The fact my comment was deleted is pretty funny. The concept of a joke escapes many.

It's handy to have these things on disc, because it's boring looking at the normal background.

II Necroplasm II3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Well the old dashboard was not set up to do the feature. That is why NXE is called a "upgrade".

like "Trophies"

I_am_rushin3459d ago

Spelling will help you later in life.


II Necroplasm II3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )


I made a mistake on a keyboard, I feel terrible! Thanks for your time and telling me that important message.

Imuss kilz myselve for tht. Howz could I mack a typo!!!!1

DelbertGrady3459d ago

Correction: Trophies are called "theft", not "upgrade".

Is that PirateThom trolling? No way! Where's Pennywise, ultimolu, Morganfell, Gwave and all the other 9+ bubble trolls?

ukilnme3459d ago

II Necroplasm II

LMAO. You are too funny. I love how people like to point out simple mistakes like that. F'em all.

badz1493458d ago

when he is trolling in the same comment! LOL classic!

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Javier193459d ago

Lol thats awesome, one of the things PS3 has always done better.

Il be renting this soon, (all games should have this)

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