ThatGameCompany's Jenova Chen teases new game

The third of ThatGameCompany's contractual PS3's developments is clearly in the very early stages of development, as Jenova Chen teases the first playtest of their new title.

ThatGameCompany have created flOw and Flower thus far, both being received very well.

We may hear more at E3, but it's clearly very early.

sinncross5553d ago

Ohhh very exciting news!!!

Though I wonder if Jenova Chen will port Cloud to the PSN. IT sounds like an interesting concept, though I am all for a new IP.

PirateThom5553d ago

Cloud is pretty cool and very relaxing. Download it, it's free, give it a go.

The Great Melon5553d ago

Ever since I saw Cloud several years ago, I have enjoyed every game that they have offered.

iamtehpwn5553d ago

these words are sensitive to me <3.

PSP25553d ago

i loved flOwer the best psn game there is for its price

Cajun Chicken5553d ago


Will it still have 'Flow' in the title?

Siesser5553d ago

Can't think of too many other ways to expand upon that trend besides flOwn and deflOwer, and I'm almost certain it won't be the latter :P

MasterChief36245553d ago

They are contracted to make three total games for the PlayStation 3, and now that we have flOw and Flower, we're already at the third one...

But I love their games so much that I really hope they will continue to make games for it in the future...

I mean, is it possible they will still continue to make games for the PS3 after this "contract"?

I hope so :D


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BootHammer1577d ago

This is greatly appreciated right now. Gotta fight this cabin fever ;b

brando0081574d ago

Great recommendations, I love all the games listed that I've played so far. Going a bit stir-crazy with the constant WFH during this time. Thanks!!


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