Demon's Souls Intro and Tutorial level

Article containing two videos of the game Demon's Souls, first one is of the opening cut scene and the other is the tutorial play through.

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nightelfmohawk3510d ago

I heard this game was brutal and hard, but god damn! lol. I'm definitely importing this game if a NA release isn't announced at E3.

jaferris3510d ago

when you kill enemy you collect souls but say like you die half way through the level , you loose all your souls collected and have to start at the beginning of the level with all the enemy re spawned it good but frustrating lol

tda-danny3510d ago

Yea, but your not suppose to beat the tutorial boss (although it is possible). Him killing you binds your soul to the Nexus, and starts the story.

raztad3510d ago

Not as hot as your avatar for sure :D