inFAMOUS Demo- MAY 21st on PSN

This news comes straight from the horses mouth(SUCKERPUNCH). While checking out the new site for inFAMOUS I made made a few discovories such as the release date for the inFAMOUS demo for PSN and a Special Edition of inFAMOUS thats "loaded with goodies"(Europe Only).

Check it out.

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Spike473460d ago

now I think it should be epic.

360degrees3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

However after seeing a rather large amount of gameplay videos, and researching its "Electrical hero" plot I believe I will undoubtedly pass on this title, and go with the much more exciting videogame named Prototype. I do suppose that its inFamous's apparent slower pacing that simply does not suit my personal tastes. It actually amazes me how both games can be in the same Genre, but have one (Prototype) look much more action packed, and overall enjoyable. I believe the latter of the two is most worthy of my hard earned $60......-My personal Opinion

chrisnick3460d ago

someone please rid this troll of his bubbles...don't be so are a HATER.

darthv723460d ago

It looks to be a better "force unleashed" than the force unleashed. I like the lightning effect in both games and the gameplay looks to be similar but with way more freedom to explore in infamous.

butterfinger3460d ago

about 360degrees is he is nothing but a wannabe Zhuk. Just go away, seriously. Your material is played out and predictable. We already have better trolls.

Saigon3460d ago

seriuosly cant wait...

I_am_rushin3460d ago

Why can't you have both? Oh that's right because you were never looking forward to inFamous in the first place because you can't play it on the console you purchased. I will be getting inFamous day 1 and I can always pickup Prototype if I feel like it.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

Save us the bullsh1t, you should simply post "..." and we'll know that you're disappointed in a PS3 exclusive. I don't think you are a fanboy, I think you might be a viral marketer hired by Microsoft, considering you try to appear neutral in your words but in the end all you do is advertise Xbox 360 (as with your name and avatar).

There are tons of 360 fanboys out there, but for some reason, even if I could be wrong, I think you could be sitting somewhere in Redmond earning about $18,000 USD a year just to post crap about PS3 on every other video games related website. That's how low Microsoft is willing to go this generation.

PirateThom3460d ago

Check his comment history. EVERY SINGLE PS3 GAME.

SlyGuy3460d ago

It is not his fault. During these hard economic times people take jobs wherever they can get them. If Microsoft pays his a$$ to troll on every PS3 game at least he makes his money.

Might be underhanded dirty tactics, but that's how MS rolls. I wonder if they have any

gambare3460d ago

you talk like that because you only have a 360 and can't get both games.

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sonarus3460d ago

I am pretty sure this was already announced because i was already aware of this

butterfinger3460d ago

This is old. It was posted on the blog when they were announcing the inFAMOUS pre-order bonuses.

butterfinger3460d ago

Quote from the article: "And, yes, the inFamous demo will be made available to everyone on the PlayStation Network on May 21."

That is why this sounds so familiar to you. This has already been posted on N4G 17 days and 8 hours ago.

INehalemEXI3460d ago

I get the demo on the 8th :D I have the voucher locked in my safe the code not even scratched yet.

Carbide73460d ago

Oh yeah, bring it on. Cole is so badass.

ape0073460d ago

absulotely fantastic

can't wait,controle,gameplay,graphic s,powers,stunts

it will really be a treat for all of us and a must buy

damn sony,too many f%$n amazing games,I lost count

thanks sony

jcgamer3460d ago

enjoy Sony's 1st party Golden Age :)

Sucker Punch FTW!

Aclay3460d ago

More than likely I won't be downloading the InFamous demo because I've never played the demo for any Single Player game before I bought it this generation... pretty much all I need to see for a Single Player game to tell if I'm going to buy it or not is Gameplay footage and the Story, and I've seen plenty of InFamous gameplay footage, and so far I've liked what I've saw, so it's a definite purchase in my book.

The Official Playstation Magazine tends to publish their reviews pretty early (their review of RE5 was out by early February to subscribers.), so I'm willing to bet that they'll have the first review of InFamous in about another week or two.

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