Worthplaying: Suikoden Tierkreis Review

WP: "Suikoden Tierkreis manages to feel like a Suikoden game on a handheld, and it deserves respect for that. Unfortunately, it doesn't feel like a good Suikoden game. The interesting plot and memorable characters are not enough to make up for the extremely dull gameplay, awful dungeon design and bad use of the large cast. The visuals are surprisingly good, but not enough to really be called "impressive," except for the feat of fitting so much on a DS cartridge. The voice acting is bad enough that it might actually drive gamers away from the title. It's certainly a playable game, and I had more fun with it than I did with Suikoden IV, but there are many better RPGs available on the Nintendo DS, and it's difficult to recommend Suikoden Tierkreis over any of those."

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