Need For Speed Undercover - New Packs

Black Box, a division of Electronic Arts, has today announced the release of two new content packs for Need for Speed Undercover. These packs will be "The Challenge Series", which is free and will feature 60 events and two new game modes (you can also earn up to three new cars now), and "The premium Boss Car" pack, which will give you access to Undercover's specially boss vehicles, in exchange for $5.00 (corresponding to 400 MS points).

"The Challenge Series" and "Boss Car" packs are now available for PlayStation 3, and is going to be soon released for Xbox360 and PC systems. This new expansions are the proof that NFS fans are going to get a very good support by EA studios.

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ottoenie3483d ago

the ps3 version of the game has been updated with trophies, pretty cool!