GRAW 4.17

Ubisoft have announced that a new Ghost Recon will be released before April 2010 and that it will be called "GRAW 4? or is it Ghost Recon 4? You can just imagine the confusion this is going to create among some fans of the series : what will gamers make of all this crazy numbering ?

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aftrdark213457d ago

Was there a GRAW 3? I'm confused....

morganfell3457d ago

The author doesn't know the subject material at all. First he submitted his own story and had written the new game would be called GRAW4 despite the fact the news has been published by Ubisoft and it will be Ghost Recon 4. So then he runs back and edits his article and it still makes no sense.

Despite being called Gamebusinessdaily it is still a blog and will be reported so the filter can start catching more of these items that should never have been on the front page.