Guitar Hero Will Accept Music Requests

Using a simple user-friendly input form, gamers will be able to suggest their favorite songs for upcoming Guitar Hero content.

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herkules3485d ago

guitar hero spice girls would be awesome! LOL

Xandet3485d ago

I wish Rock Band would do something like this.. what's a man gotta do to get some Queen, Harmonix!?

Sandwich Bender3485d ago

I hear you, man. I hear you.

herkules3485d ago

I like ACDC better but yeah Queen is good...

Milk is for Babies3485d ago

Agree. Rock Band is better than Guitar Hero in pretty much every way other than lameness.

Sandwich Bender3485d ago

And winning in the lameness category is not something to be proud of!


Rock Band needs some Flobots love so I can love America while I make love to my drums.

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Vault Boy3485d ago

Guitar Hero was good when Harmonix still developed it. Now it's just a wannabe.

Sandwich Bender3485d ago

I can still enjoy it, but I think Rock Band is head over feet better. Is that a real term? Did I just make that up?

herkules3485d ago

sandwich bender I'm pretty sure that's a real term.

and vault boy I totally agree. Guitar Hero is just a ripoff now...


Glad to see that People on the Internet know What is Up.


Harmonix has always made the best music games. That's why GH1, GH2, RB1, and RB2 are aweosome (and let us not forget Frequency and Amplitude).

That said, I would like to see this kind of thing for the Rock Band platform.