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"inFAMOUS's art and technology crafted by brilliant people that have an incredible passion for their trade. This is exactly the kind of different creative games that I think can really move the medium of interactive games forward and also entertain and wow millions of fans. This is going to be a huge summer blockbuster game for Sucker Punch and Sony. I almost had to turn way at the press preview event because I didn't want to spoil the effect that I am going to have playing through it the first time. This is going to be an international best seller and any publication worth their weight in salt is going to have it on their best games of the year lists. inFAMOUS made me proud be be a part of video games in the Pacific Northwest. This game is essential to PlayStation's 2009 worldwide lineup of games and it was made right here. I can't wait to see how the game goes over around the world.

This is the game that convinced me that I had to buy a PlayStation 3 as soon as humanly possible to play it. Not Metal Gear Solid 4, not Killzone 2 but inFAMOUS."

Thanks to Zak100

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GiantEnemyCrab3457d ago

This dude really loves Infamous. It's the same guy who wrote this

"The Super Secret Seattle Sony Press Event convinced me to buy a PlayStation 3"

Laying it on thick.

aldesko3457d ago

Yeah, I was thinking "wow.. biggest PS3 fanboy I've seen in a while" until the part about him going out an buying a PS3 for the game. Is it THAT good?

jBat173457d ago

but then, there's IGN's greg miller statement: "Infamous is awesome. Period. End of statement.. and you're going to need to buy it come spring." and that's about an early build..

it's safe to say that this game will be AAA.. maybe the best in its genre.. lucky ps3 owners..

-EvoAnubis-3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

Can someone please explain to me why every time someone is excited for an exclusive game and gushes about it, that automatically makes them a fanboy for whatever system in question it's on? That is annoying as hell.

Anyway, yeah, this game looks to be one of the most impressive games coming this year, and I can't wait to play it. And I can vouch for Jake, the guy who wrote this article, very recently picking up a PS3 of his very own; he's on my friends list now - we gaming bloggers have to stick together! :-)

chaosatom3457d ago

Infamous ===== EPIC Win for ps3 owners.

aldesko3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

I don't know about the other times people have accused a writer of being a fanboy, but in this instance I had the feeling he was a fanboy because:

1. Every other infamous hands-on, while very positive, don't even come close to matching this guy's reaction. He REALLY, REALLY loves the game.
2. The writing wasn't very professional and there were typos.
3. I never heard of the site.

However, after reading the article it's clear that he's not a fanboy and genuinely thinks the game is awesome, which pumps me up b/c I've been waiting for it since 2007 and the demo starts next Thursday! RAWR!

-EvoAnubis-3457d ago

I can understand your second two points to a degree, but as for your first point, have you not read IGN's inFamous previews? Greg Miller won't stop talking about how awesome inFamous is.

aldesko3457d ago

I've read every preview by most of the major gaming websites, especially IGN's. I remember when Greg announced that he'd have a preview up the next day, but it didn't come up until the following week.. so I spent all those days at work constantly refreshing IGN. I'm not kidding when I said I've been anticipating this game since '07. I already have it paid in full at gamestop and i put down $5 at gamecrazy to get early access to the demo.

What threw me off is that most of the previews I've read are from the bigger game sites which probably follow some kind of protocol for previews, while this is more of a blog where the author doesn't have to hold back and can really express his feelings. If this guy wrote for gamespot, there's no way this article would get published without taking out a few paragraphs. Even if Greg Miller thought this was the definitive PS3 game, he wouldn't say that in the preview because IGN would be held accountable when the game doesn't get a 98 on metacritic and people start b!tching and moaning about IGN hyping a game up.

Not saying there's anything wrong with the article (it pumped me up enough to submit it), I was just taken aback after reading more formal previews the last few weeks.

-EvoAnubis-3457d ago

You MUST be reading different previews than I am.

"Infamous is awesome. Period. End of statement. I know a lot of times we at IGN get railed on for over-hyping games -- we tell you a game looks great during the preview period but then crap on it when review time comes -- but I'm willing to put my reputation on the line right now and tell you I can't see that happening with this game. Infamous is a blast, and you're going to need to buy it come spring." - Greg Miller, 12/19/08

"Back in December, I put up the first ever hands-on report of Infamous. In it, I called the game "awesome" and went as far as telling you that you'd "need to buy it." After playing three more hours of Sucker Punch's latest, I'd like to amend one of my statements.

Infamous is f'n awesome." - Greg Miller, 3/23/09

Seriously...what previews are you reading?

Why dis3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

Never seen such over-exaggeration. Looks PS2-ish visually and sort of slow as if the devs got caught up trying to show off the gameplay mechanics and lost their way. I won't be buying it.

The lightning looks next gen though.

FamilyGuy3457d ago

Infamous is worth buying a PS3 for with all the exclusives to push you further towards that thought.

I've seen enough trailers to know I'll like the game but what did this guy see that i missed?

anh_duong3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

why dis, your hatred for a games console is not normal.. ask yourself whether it is normal to hate a games console.. no normal human being should hate something so much.. ten years time when you grow up and the ps3 and xbox are consigned to history you will look back at yourself and think that all this hatred was probably a waste of your time and intellect ie. their are better things you could have done with your life then hating.

the xbox and ps3 will be around as long as the next console. don't wish for a world where one company governs everything you do in gaming. choice is good embrace it.

just a friendly piece of advice.

ps: i have never ignored you or disgreed with you.

FamilyGuy3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

would suggest this game to be 1080p native (1073 really)
Any word on that?

When you click the photos there's a choice to "see all sizes" and it takes you to the "large" size but to the right of that is a size marked "original" with a resolution of 1914 x 1073


Dread3457d ago

I sincerely hope this game is as good as he claims, because i too am looking for a reason to buy a Playstation 3.

(not hating by the way. I am a gamer and if this is legit then color me excited.)

HighDefinition3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

In a weird way is this gens GTA:SA, to me anyway. I`m gonna be playing this game for months and months. The ammount of random stuff to do in this game is gonna be epic. Hopefully this doesn`t get slept on.

"Sony's 1st party Golden Age continues :)"

Absolutly, JC. It`s not over yet, either.

aksmashh3457d ago

Its Just Way Article Is Written It Just Seems A Bit Bias

Like This Is Best Reason To Buy A PS3?
Not LBP Or Killzone

He Might Just Love The Game But I Don't Think Thats The Whole Truth

TheExecutive3457d ago

Why dis.... this is the best looking sandbox game I have ever seen.

aldesko3457d ago

Again, I've read all the IGN previews. Do you not think there's a difference between saying a game is awesome and saying it's the reason to buy a PS3? Greg basically says "you should get this game", while this guy says "you should get a PS3 and this game". You can tell from IGN's preview that Greg had to be a bit reserved when he was saying how good it was because he knew it would become IGN's opinion, and not just his. Anyone writing for a major website would never say a game is going to be the reason to own a console.

Believe it or not, there are fanboys who write blogs on the internet. I don't know about you, but there are people who aren't very interested in fanboy previews of exclusives since it's not a very good barometer of how good a game is because they tend to exaggerate their opinion. I know the major gaming sites are giving it really positive previews, but when some blog I've never heard of before says it's the reason to get a PS3, my fanboy detector warmed up.

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josephat843457d ago

is going to be awesome!! I mean 3 years in development?? And it's the guys from Sucker Punch? All of you who have been on the fence about this game, don't worry, it'll be awesome! Go out and Pre-Order it!!

SmokingMonkey3457d ago

but, after watching more videos and reading different articles, it is perfectly clear

inFamous>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>prot otype

doesn't mean i think prototype will be bad, i just think inFamous will destroy it in every way

graphics - yes
gameplay - probably
Uncharted2 MP demo - priceless

cmrbe3457d ago

I have been saying this for ages. Infamous is set to make the same impact Uncharted did back in 2007 on the gaming scene.

This game will no doubt be a 2009 GOTY contender like uncharted was back in 2007. For those that didn't know. IGN gave Uncharted PS3 game of the year over COD4 in 2007.

Infamous has been my 3rd most anticipated game this year. Uncharted 2 first and KZ2 second.

Gambit073457d ago

Once I see some good reviews popin', I'll get it.

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