Joystiq hands-on: White Knight Chronicles

Sony and Level-5's latest role-playing collaboration, White Knight Chronicles, has been out in Japan since December, but we recently got a chance to check out a partially localized version of the game at Sony Gamers Day 2009.

Those who've been anxiously awaiting its Stateside debut will be happy to hear that (as we were, quite literally) the voice-over work and dialog sounds great. Speaking of sound, Sony confirmed to us that it's planning to implement voice chat in the US and European versions of White Knight Chronicles, something that was painfully absent from the Japanese release. We're told it's not 100% set in stone, but the dev and localization teams "really want to make it happen."

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You Already Know3458d ago

a must own for any RPG fan....I've been waiting too long for this game...

himdeel3457d ago

...I am very much looking forward to getting another good RPG fix. I'm also excited to see hear about the 4 player co-op as well. I got a feeling I'm going to have a stack of new PS3 games this year and that makes me smile.