IGN: White Knight Chronicles Hands-on

Greg Miller writes:

"Want more on White Knight? Well, the experience is estimated to take about 40 hours, but you won't be getting your hands on it super-soon. So far, Sony's spent about five weeks recording English voice work, and the company isn't done yet. We'll have an updated, in-depth preview as soon as possible, but look for a release date to be announced at E3. "

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TheColbertinator3462d ago

I can't wait to play it.

Level 5 FTW

TheHater3462d ago

HOPE this game come out this year in US :)
My most wanted JRPG so far. Yes that include both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy VS XIII

[email protected]3462d ago

My 2 cents... maybe after July, August or September to be honest.

PSP23462d ago

awesome news thankssss ign

lloyd_wonder3462d ago

I'm on board the hype train!