IGN: MAG First Look and Hands-on

"Few games did as little for me when they were announced as MAG did last year at E3. I mean, in a year where Resistance 2 was shown and Fat Princess debuted, the house of Sony dedicated part of its press conference to announcing that Zipper Interactive (the company behind most of the SOCOM franchise) was planning to bring 256 players online in the same match in MAG: Massive Action Game. And, that was pretty much it. We didn't play it, and there wasn't a big demonstration. We just knew that the SOCOM guys were working on something big and one day we'd see it in action."

-Greg Miller, IGN

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PSP23512d ago

thank you for the preview i look forward to spending $60 for the regular edition of MAG

creeping judas3512d ago

if the game is squad based, then I hope that the game will ship with a headset!!!

that aside, it does seem quite an amazing sounding game!!!

josephat843512d ago

stupid. There are waaaaaaaaay too many first person shooters out there. Honestly, how can anyone keep up with all of them? Can't wait for some more third person action games like Infamous and Prototype!

Jager3508d ago

lmao... just wait, this kid is gonna be in line for Halo ODST.. double standards ftl.

Statix3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

I fully agree that there are way too many war shooters out on the market today, but I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for that one exceptional game that I could definitively call my online FPS of choice--the one online FPS that I can really sink my teeth into for the long haul. COD4 was too limited to be that game for me, and KZ2 had too little in the way of weapon variety and customization to be that for me. MAG on the other hand looks like it's gonna be an extremely promising and deep tactical online FPS, and what really intrigues me the most about the game is the promise of a persistent or semi-persistent war that will be going on, between your faction and others on a massive scale beyond just 256-player battles, and continue to run even when you're away or sleeping. It's the idea that you're going to contribute to the ultimate success of the faction that you signed up for along with thousands of other players that really has me interested.

jBat173512d ago

but i'm sure those games will outsell MAG becuase this game is hardcore gamers only, like me.