Legends of Wrestlemania Review (ZTGD)

The Wombat writes: "If you're around my age, you probably have fond memories of the World Wrestling Federation. You probably still geek out a little bit when you hear "Real American", and you'll never forget where you were when Ultimate Warrior pinned Hogan for the belt. Times have changed since then and (for better or worse) so has professional wrestling. Most of our heroes from that time have either passed on, are long retired, or only make occasional (mostly humiliating) appearances in modern media. Luckily, THQ and the WWE understand that many fans haven't watched wrestling since the heyday of Jake the Snake and Mr. Perfect. With this segment of the population in mind, they've released WWE Legends of Wrestlemania; a firm dose of old school administered to the "casual" wrestling audience via simplified controls, larger than life character models, and an overflow of nostalgia."

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lh_swe3463d ago

This must be the only review praising the game, I played the demo and thought this was absolutely god awful.

DlocDaBudSmoka3463d ago

this game is the ISH for old school wrestling fans. the controls take some gettin use to but still a great game. Much better than SvR08 gameinformer gave it a 8.5 i believe. no links cuz well. u guys can look for yourselves

zeeman3463d ago

I played this game and it was horrendous. As someone whose actually seen the Ultimate Warrior I can well and truly say that it was meant for 10-3 yr olds. The best wrestling game IMO WWE Hardcore on the PS1 remains the best wrestling game yet IMHO