Destructoid Preview: Madden NFL 10

EA Tiburon has been relatively transparent with the development process so far, and what has come across in every blog post and update is the dev team's desire to build the most realistic version of videogame football ever made. And Lead Designer Ian Cummings told me that Tiburon is also committed to making the game feel "new." There are two main fronts on which these goals are being accomplished this year: gameplay and presentation.

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McMee3486d ago

I'm one of those people who hate sports games and what it does to the medium's full potential, but then because I love my Bears so much, I go out and pick up the new edition of Madden every year. Damn me. Damn all the mes there ever was. Da Bears.

3486d ago
SoulBrotha32923486d ago

2. THis time i beleive EA has got everything down. Their making the game 2 finally be a REAL FOOTBALL Experience..4 ppl who cant really play football ...smh...So i think its time fa people 2 hop of of 2k hardwood because 2k aint comin out wit another football game. MADDEN +PAnthers FTW!!!!