El33tonline: Cuboid Review (PS3)

The most obvious benefit of the advent of platforms like PSN, XBLA, WiiWare and the plethora of downloadable game vendors on the PC and Mac is that publishing a game has become a whole lot easier. Of course, you still have to fork out the money up front to develop the game, taking on all that risk, but you don't have to spend very much money to get your game into stores and onto the shelf. For the PSN you do have to pass a lot of quality checks done by the Sony team as well as get the game rated, but once you've done that you get a prime spot in the online shop for at least a week. CREAT Studios is a group that have been developing games for over 10 years (most notably Tony Hawk's Motion on the DS and Coded Arms: Contagion on the PSP), but they have only recently begun publishing games on the PlayStation Network. In Cuboid they have created a really solid puzzle game, and I'm excited to see their future output in expanding this game and in new creations.

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