MGS2 Starts Tomorrow

Aimgehess writes: "Most of you know that tomorrow, is April 29th, 2009. But this isn't just a normal day because this is the famous day where Raiden, aka Jack, will infiltrate the Big Shell on the coast of New York City, it is the unique moment the replay and "live" this event in real time!

For all those who are interested, know that tomorrow morning, at about 06:00 am/ET, Raiden will swim his way through the hole in the fence left by Solid Snake himself, leading to the Big Shell facility. At about 07:00 am/ET, he will ride the elevator up to the roof of Strut A. On the other hand, the final fight against Solidus will take place next day, April 30th at about 06:00 am/ET on the roof of the Federal Hall in Manhattan.

So? Tempted?".

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greyfox2353458d ago

rose:"jack? do you remember what tommorow is?"
raiden:"april 30th, why?"
rose:"anything special come in mind?"
raiden:"nothing comes to mind?"
rose:"oh nevermind"
raiden:"what is it rose???"


rockleex3458d ago

Is it the anniversary of when they first met?

I forgot.

The_Firestarter3458d ago

I think you might be right. Also, on April 30, 1789: George Washington becomes the first elected President of the United States!

Bnet3433457d ago

MGS2 is the worst MGS out of the 4. Here is my order:

1 MGS4
3 MGS3
4 MGS2

thePatriot3458d ago

lucky in war and nothing else
laugh and grow fat
at what time will raiden run arround naked holdin his junk?

JayX6663458d ago

You goona re-live it real time?! :O

Alex_Mexico3458d ago

awesome. I didnt realize this. I shall pay a minute of silence for tomorrow's death of Olga.

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The story is too old to be commented.