The Future of Japanese Gaming

Is the Xbox 360 doomed in Japan or can Microsoft jump-start its presence? What Japanese games are worth your while in the West? IGN reports.

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Grennoki6185d ago

I kinda knew this was going to happen who didn't over here in North America we are getting games that we like to play but in Japan things are diffrent lots of them get sick from first person games they are diffrent types of gamers and Microsoft is pretty much saying here is a game that not a single person wants but we want to sell it anyway. They need to get some games out like Blue Dragon that's what Japanese people want not Oblivion or Perfect Dark. So Microsoft start giving them what they want or things may get real ugly looking.

Schmitty076185d ago

They can only buy the "best", which are Japanese products.

FamoAmo6185d ago (Edited 6185d ago )

Plain and simple they are loyal to Nintendo and Sony.. I disagree with #1 b/c MS has done so much to get support in Japan!! MS has pumped enough $ into the black hole Japan.. I say cut your losses and move on don't go out of your way for them if anything go out of your way for the Supporters the Americans!! Japan won't support the 360... Sony is in for a big surprise also Japan will support the Wii over the ps3 for sure b/c of price and the new controller (japan loves the gadgets).... Nintendo is gonna own the Japanese market most likely.. Hey I got mad respect for Japan but I want whats best for me as a gamer and thats putting the great titles into my hands... Keep the support of Japanese developers but don't go out of your way for the japanese gamers b/c MS has tried and they simply don't want to support an american product!!

PS360PCROCKS6185d ago

their games sucks as* anyways their all lame RPG's that are just as bad as their stupid cartoons, pokemon, pssh f that