God Of War II (PS2) Review

Sony's critically acclaimed franchise returns for one last outing on the PS2. Is it a big enough leap from the original or simply a quick upgrade to appease fans? Find out in the full ZTGD review of God of War II.

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TheMART4756d ago

The wisest thing to do right now. Buy a 360 premium and a PS2 and you have the best of both worlds. God of War 2 is a game paying 100 dollar/euro for the console for (in The Netherlands 99 Euro for a PS2 @ V&D at the moment) and gives you a good library of other games. Have the 360 premium on top for the best next gen games + premium online and you're done. Spend less then a PS3 and have triple the fun.

Go for it! Get it. And while you're buying God of War 2, but Resident Evil 4 as a budget title on the PS2 also till RE5 comes out on the 360 :-)

Armyless4755d ago

And lo to my surprise, I'm being pitched a 360?


Anyway, back to GOW2.

I thought this GOW outing was definitely missing Jaffe's leadership. This one was much more formulaic, still fun, but too linear and genre'esque. The first one was broken up into yummy meal size portions with an overhanging cloud of "I'm going to do... what? Is that possible?" (Which really captured the mystique of ancient Greek lore.) While this one has you marching through named territories that don't make any significant difference.

Still, as gameplay goes, GOW2 masters the awesome elements pioneered in the first outing. Difficulty progressively ramps up to staggering proportions nicely throughout the game's length.

notwithstanding4756d ago

what's this 360 is next-gen talk?

lilwingman4756d ago

...and so the flame war begins.

In regards to this topic, last weekend I just started playing through God of War again in anticipation for the 2nd one. Can never get over how amazing of a game it is.

PS360WII4755d ago

GoW II is an insanly awesome game. Plus playing it on the PS3 thru HDMI cables is oh so sweet ^^

kamakazi4754d ago

damn the marts hard on for SONY just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. get help buddy this obsession with SONY makes you look like a damn fool.