Lost Planet 2 - Possible PC Release

Lost Planet 2 may be heading for the PC as well as the Xbox 360 - Jun Takeuchi, the director of lost planet gave hope that PC users may be receiving the sequel to 2008's Lost Planet. During a demonstration of the new game to various media writers Takeuchi pointed out the game was running on a PC. When asked if gamers should expect a PC version he didn't give a definite response, but was far from ruling out a release.

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Wayward3463d ago

Oddly for Capcom the first game worked really well on the PC, it had lots of settings and didn't feel to much like a rushed port! I hope if this comes to the PC it is the same!

The General3463d ago

Don't you get it? The video you watched was running on the PC why would it be getting a port? If anything that seems to indicate that the PC is native for the game and the consoles will get the port. If not why show the gameplay on the PC and not the 360 version?

Hopefully the gameplay will complement the nice graphics.

Wayward3463d ago

Sorry didn't really mean port. I meant it wasn't just a console coded for the consoles but also left to run on the PC. 99% of games are designed on the PC but alot of them as they get closer start losing the unique ablities of the PC. (I'm sure that makes no sense!)

ThanatosDMC3463d ago

ARGH! So it wont be coming on the PS3 then? It better come to Steam. I just boxed my 360 to make room for my new center speaker. The whole i cut up on the back looks really messed up though...

Wayward3463d ago

I doubt it. I mean it might come to the PS3, but to me it sounded like a no unless something big happens. Maybe you should ship your 360 to me ;). hah!

raztad3463d ago


Point is when it comes to the PS3 (if ever) everybody and his mother already would got it for the PC, so IMO to release a PS3 version of this game isnt worthy, it will tank as others xbox timed exclusives have done before.

narked3463d ago

multiplayer was sh!t on the pc mate :/ hope they fix that, sp was aweseom xD

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Fishy Fingers3463d ago

So does that mean all the fancy videos/screens so far are taken from the PC?

If it's been demoed running on a PC I imagine a PC version is rather obvious.

Wayward3463d ago

You'd think so, but when I've gone to demos for console exclusives they normally run them on the PC aswell. I think it's to do with ease of running stright from the system. And with Xbox & Windows both using DirectX it's quite easy to do. The main reason games are not released on Windows has nothing to do with the time to port them. The companies feel it might impact there consoles due to PC piracy.

Fishy Fingers3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Huh? If it's been shown running on a PC surely they're either building a PC version or building the game/engine primarily/equally on the PC, there for it wouldnt be a port.

Surely if it where a true console exclusive (any game, not just LP2) it would be shown running on a dev kit at least otherwise they'd have no true knowledge of how the console would hold up.

Demonstrating a console exclusive on a PC seems backwards to me. I've never heard of it done before.

ThanatosDMC3463d ago

All of them run the PC. Check out Uncharted's unlockable dev clips.

Wayward3463d ago

It's one of the reasons why I think a PS3 version is being made. With Visual C++ they can pretty much just select 'Build PC' or 'Build Xbox' versions! Albeit I agree it's clear that there is a much better chance being they are building PC versions :)

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Danny_N3463d ago

Capcom have made to many poor PC games for me to get to excited about this!

TheIneffableBob3463d ago

Their old PC games didn't have a lot of effort put into them, but their more recent ones have been done in-house and are pretty good quality. Lost Planet was good, and Devil May Cry 4 was fantastic.

Parapraxis3463d ago

Yay, another platform I'll not be getting this game on. =)

Parapraxis3463d ago

So somebody disagrees and believes it's inevetable that I will on one platform or another be purchasing this game?
oh yes "the power of god compels you"

Danny_N3463d ago

Then personally I think your missing out! Graphics are better on PC, easier to mod, easier to patch.. everything is better IMO!

UnwanteDreamz3463d ago

He said he hadn't bought a PC game. "Payed for" and "played" are two diff things.

evrfighter3463d ago

thats a whole lotta steam games you've missed. Ive pirated my share of games way back when. But when valve releases a game, the pirated copy never delivers.

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