Atomic Games To Continue With Six Days In Fallujah

IncGamers has just learnt that Atomic Games will be continuing development with Six Days in Fallujah despite Konami dropping the title.

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thetamer3486d ago

You're kidding right? Didn't they realise that no one wants to play this game?

Fyzzu3486d ago

That's a tad harsh. It looks like an interesting idea, at least; I'd like to see how it turns out.

Th3 Chr0nic3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

you have to be the one thats kidding. There are just as many people supporting this as there are soccer moms and ignorant people bashing it. I will be playing it and so will tons of other people.
Over 100 vterans are providing input on this and i havent seen one military person complain at all.
If it is done correctly then it can be good. I doubt they are going about this the same as the WW2 and vietnam games do.

WildArmed3486d ago

*looks away*
umm... either they are retarded, or already too far in the development process to dump the game (since that would lead to the loss of moneey)
I'm leaning 2wards teh second one.

(f u Akira)

DeadlyFire3486d ago

Why wouldn't you want to play this game?

UltraNova3486d ago

Well if facing the truth is so hard for you then dont play the game! ( assuming they get the story right! )

I am always amazed when a movie or game comes out telling the story from a different perspective other than the standard- Bad guys (the rest of the world)does something horrible > Americans go in> kill everybody which happen to be the bad guys (all of them mind you!)> save the day> hailed as heroes.

But when something like this game comes to the surface is quickly branded the next big offense on humanity!

I say let them do it and if you happen to be offended by its concept then skip it. Its our right however to be interested and want to play this game.(yes there are other places other than the USA out there, you cant miss it its called the WORLD).


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Fyzzu3486d ago

I dunno if I'm surprised or not. I figured they'd shop around for another publisher first, to be honest, but I assumed they'd continue working on it.

Leord3486d ago

Well, with the experience of certain games being dropped due to problems, it's still very nice that they do try to get it on its feet.

thetamer3486d ago

I don't think it's about the game, but how the game is going to be treated, that's what's going to be most interesting about this title. If it's done properly it might document what happened from a western soldiers perspective, but it has to be balanced.

belal3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

what the hell, amercans goes to afhanistan and kills so many peoples, look at cod4, no one is complaining. ITS A GAME BASED ON REAL LIFE, haven't you seen that before? its normal. besides i want to see this game in motion. dont get me wrong, im not against americans or anything, but pulling this game back because amercans dont like it is wrong, they can ban the game in america. i hope this game captures the feelings and emotions around this war, and i hope this game retells the incident perfectly.

plz dont disagree, its my opinio.

Th3 Chr0nic3486d ago

I agree with you but if someone wants to disagree then thats their opinion just the same. its not like disagrees will hurt you

BWS19823486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

either, as an American, I'd love to see how this turns out. It sounded like they were crafting this game out of respect, not trivializing the war or long as the military/veterans are okay with it, because THEY were there actually DOING it, then I'm fine with it. If a senator or soccer mom has a problem, then they can go research the game and come back with some insight.

The_Zeitgeist3486d ago

All this controversy is just going to spur sales when the game is released. The GTA effect will be unleashed.

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