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PtRoLLFacE3485d ago

very nice, i played the first game but i didn't like so much maybe this time around the add more to the gameplay

jcfilth3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

...hopefully the PS3 port will be better this time around.
So far the game looks fun and graphics are really good.

irish-leprecaun3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

. but it never said exbox 360 at the end.

WhittO3485d ago

looks good but nothing amazing, looks like a standard 3rd person shooter, seemed to get repetitive just watching that video !

Also, the graphics are ok but again nothing special, those water effects look like a psp game !

jwatt3485d ago

So far this may be the best looking game graphically followed by a close Uncharted 2 but Uncharted is my most wanted game this year.

D R Fz3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

but I want to see what it looks like on consoles because I just read the Kotaku preview and they said it was running on a pc. Hopefully it'll look just as good.

chaosatom3485d ago

but it needs better Gameplay elements.

WhittO3485d ago

i take that as a joke lol

raztad3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )


I was trying not to comment in order to let some "fans" enjoy the game that looks pretty good, but your comment cant be helped.

LP2 needs to go a long way to reach KZ2, lets alone Uncharted 2. I know many fans are blind and only see AMAZING looking games on theirs console of choice but please be real.

Selling point of this game is the Coop mutiplayer. Seems pretty fun, it got some Munster Hunter in it.

EDIT: @bellow

Not saying that game looks bad, it looks pretty good, there is not denying on that. But its far fetched to say its the BEST looking game this gen followed by U2. Just absurd. Have you played KZ2? Have you seen the effects going on? Animations? physics?

All I see in the LP2 videos are pretty weak animations and very poor effects. Look at the explosions, smoke barely appears. As someone pointed out above, water looks poor. Overall game is pretty good looking but thats all.

jwatt3485d ago

Please tell me what is my console of choice? I've always been a ps3 fan but im not that type of guy that thinks as soon as a game is a ps3 exclusive that's it's automatically the greatest looking game ever and that no game on any other console can look better. Of course I will get disagrees but lost planet is a beautiful game from the colors, the water, lighting and textures. I, like a few people on this site can admit when a game looks good even if it's multiplatform or exclusive to another console.

ThanatosDMC3485d ago

Wow, this guy sucks at killing Akrids. There's a big gigantic yellow light all ready for him to shoot at and he's still shooting the blackened skin.

Either blow of the limbs or just connect yourself to the anus of the akrid then shoot away.

People that are drooling for this game should go play the first one. I saw it's worth $17 in Gamestop. If you have an edge card, you could get it for less... well, at least the used ones.

IaMs123485d ago

I honestly dont see what soo amazing about Uncharted graphics. Ive seen videos although never played it first hand and it looks like a regular next-gen game to me. Nothing special.

WhittO3485d ago

you will see when you play it, its the light beaming through the trees casting shadows on everything - with varied gusts of wind blowing through the plant life, the water reflecting almost photo-realistic effects, not to mention the sound of everything is so immersive and realistic, its not just high-res textures that give a game good presentation!

sonarus3485d ago

Game looks OK. Nothing mind blowing. The people vs people combat still looks as lame as the first one. The shooting bugs and stuff is cool but the boss battles were mostly lame. As of now game is still a rental in my eyes.

Graphics are about on par with Gears 2 which is pretty good. Need to play the coop to form an accurate impression though

fusionboxer3485d ago

Despite my only next gen console currently being the ps3 (360 had some tray problem that gave all my games big halos on the discs and the warranty was up)I still have to display my envy towards the 360 owners whose 360's work and possibly the PC folk who will be able to play this.

Deep down i'm a monster hunter fan and I've been a fan of Capcoms since Megaman 2 on the nes and captain commando in arcades. However at the moment I feel as though Capcom are kind of putting the shaft on ps3 owners. Sure they're making Dead rising multi plat along with bionic commando and I realize that Lost Planet 1 is what gave Capcom faith that 360 owners support them more then ps3 owners, but why don't they simply give the ps3 crowd a chance with this one.

Out of the current line up of future releases from Capcom for next gen consoles I'm looking forward to Lost Planet 2 the most. I was hoping that it's 4 player co op would be my replacement for a next gen monster hunter (sorry the wii one looks great, but like I said the ps3 is my main gaming console at the moment.

Regardless I tip my hat off to capcom for getting me interested, but i'm a little saddened that they aren't porting this one to the ps3 right off the bat. I'm sure Uncharted 2's 3 player online co op will be more polished and fun enough to keep me busy, but I just wanted something similar to that monster hunter feel on my ps3 and not only my psp.

Whatever though. I only ask that Capcom even things up a bit like they said they would. Didn't they learn anything from Street Fighter 4 sales?

jwatt3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

See that's where we got mixed up, I said "best looking game graphically" I wasn't talking about gameplay wise with physics in all that stuff. That's where ps3 exclusive like Infamous and Killzone shine, where they have so much things going on like physics, explosions and everything having thier own light sources. I guess I personally separate the physics and all that kind of stuff with the cpu and the graphics is just how it looks. I mean all this stuff is arguable and it just comes down to personal preference. Killzone has alot of great things in it from the lighsources, physics and animation but I just personally think the textures could have been better. That's why it comes down to personal preference because I'm very big on textures. To be clear though, we know the graphics don't effect the gameplay which is why I said im looking forward to Uncharted 2 more.

InfectedDK3485d ago

Looks fine.
The first one was boring. Deleted the demo quickly.
A good port to the PS3 and it could, end on my PS3.
However I'll survive with the current awesome PS3 lineup.
Well maybe not, considering my wallet, with all these games.

Danja3485d ago

why couldn't they have had these kinda gameplay mechanics in RE:5 ???

ThanatosDMC3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

But this game cant be a replacement for Monster Hunter since you cant gut parts from the monsters nor can you make armors and weapons out of their disappearing corpses. I just hope they have tons more different types of enemies and there's tons of them on screen at the same time.

I hope it's more chaotic as the time when you first encountered the bigger tougher version of those two long armed akrids. They had those spore caps shooting crap at you with enemy VS fighting and losing to the akrid while you're fighting everybody. After all there's gonna be four of you... if one is enough to kill 4 VSs at one encounter they better up the number.

Doppy3485d ago

Looks much better than the first one

Jaces3485d ago

Have to say I'm impressed with how it looks. Glad to see an upgrade from the 1st one which I didn't find to impressive or fun to say the least.

Hoping for a PS3 release or port sometime soon, if not then this'll be another must buy for the 360 when I get my hands on one.

Seriously though, if you cry because people think this game owns all others graphically then you should go find yourself a corner rather than pout online.

Who cares what other people think, everyone has a different opinion on how they see things so don't expect them to see what you see when it comes to gameplay or graphics. That's just silliness.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3485d ago

But the water looks as unimpressive as nearly every other current-gen game, a bunch of pre-rendered animations and either 2D animations for every interaction with it or very weak particle effects, there's little fluid simulation here. Also, I've seen better explosions on current-gen games, even on Gears of War 2. Killzone 2 has better explosions than these even if they're not as good they should have been according to the infamous E32005 trailer; however, Uncharted ONE had much better explosions than all of the games mentioned; not only that, but Uncharted 1, while not making complete fluid simulation, at least it introduced a system to reflect different levels of "wetness" of the character. If Lost Planet 2 can't even beat the first uncharted on the simple stuff, don't make us laugh with claims such as "Lost Planet 2 is the most technically impressive game ever".

There aren't that many effects going on screen and the environments don't seem very expansive (at least by the looks of it right now, could be wrong on that one). There are few objects and effect going on on screen. The game certainly looks a lot more detailed than the first one, however; the vegetation looks almost as good as it does on crysis, but it is probably not as interactive as it is on Crysis (and likely not by a long shot); I say that because after playing Resident Evil 5, the game is beautiful to look at, but isn't really as interactive as it should be. You can even see how plants and Chris Redfield can occupy the same space, which shows how much Capcom thought about making the game look great but didn't care about making it interact in a realistic fashion, at least not as consistently as it happens with other games this gen. Capcom's engine sseems focused more on visual beauty and not so much on interaction.

If this game proves anything is that, by being multiplatform, it takes advantage of neither console. Or well, perhaps somewhat more on 360 due to its straightforward architecture, but I doubt this game will be utilizing the PS3 the way it should be, as it happened with RE4 HD; they'll get it to run to the minimally acceptable quality for a port, and that's as far as they'll get. I'll be surprised if this timed exclusive ends up being worthy of being chosen on PS3 after months of being released.

ManGastaS3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

"1.1 - same here...
...hopefully the PS3 port will be better this time around.
So far the game looks fun and graphics are really good."

you will see ports until the end of this generation! even from japan devs!

rockleex3485d ago

Imagine Monster Hunter for the PS3/360 with these graphics.

Thank you Capcom... for making Monster Hunter Wii instead!!! >_<

king dong3484d ago

saw a lost planet 2 thread about a game video with nearly 200comments, and i just knew before i clicked the comments that it would look great, but at the same time be under attack from the usual suspects that dont own 360s!!!

this will come to both consoles anyway!!

i'm picking up a ps3 in a matter of weeks, and i'm looking forward to SOME sony exclusives! i dont think every sony exclusive "iz the beztz evezzzz"! its hard to understand the mind of a pathetic fanboy!!

anyway, lp2 is looking doubt! the first one looked great, but this is looking amazing! sorry sony losers, but all of you idiots that dont have one second of experience in game developing, but all claimed that the 360 was maxed because gears2 hadn't been surpassed, have all been made to look like the pathetic kno-nothing idiots that you are. this clearly blows gears out of the water graphically!!

the unreal engine is already quite old, and capcoms engine is slaughtering it! and the cryengine will do the out the idiots!

so far, for me, lp2 is second best in the graphics department so far this gen...and in a few weeks i'll have my hands on the number1. it's great to be a gamer! and a shame to be a fanboy!

DragonWarrior_43484d ago

This video bores me almost as much as all of you peoples comments do.

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KionicWarlord2223485d ago

Wow that monster looked good.

trancefreak3485d ago

I really enjoyed the first one on the 360 and this gameplay looks gorgeous along with the graphics.

I really want a ps3 version if its going multi plat since being a ps3/pc owner. We'll have to wait and see if its a timed 360 exclusive or not in the future.

RememberThe3573485d ago

But I might give it an other chance some time.

Anyway, the game looked amazing and I'm loving what Capcom is doing with their graphics engine.

Shane Kim3485d ago

Isn't this old? I'm pretty sure I've seen this before.

xbollox3485d ago

this looks so boring...
i guess when you can't get uncharted 2, it might sooth the pain a bit... who knows?

trancefreak3485d ago

Im a lost planet fan and this game looks very exciting. Im sure it will be better than the first if capcom expands on the game play and story. Graphics look very nice btw.

happyface3485d ago

looks amazing

no ps triple version is a disaster for Sony

iHEARTboobs3485d ago

Disaster? Even if it doesn't go to the PS3, I think Sony will be just fine.

UnwanteDreamz3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Yeah sure whatever bud. BTW what else are you looking forward to this year? Is that all?

ultimolu3485d ago

I think PS3 owners will be fine but thanks for caring.

I did not murder him3485d ago

Tell that to the PS3 fans in here bashing the game because it looks amazing and is on the 360.

aldesko3485d ago

Has it been officially stated LP2 isn't coming to PS3? I thought capcom isn't making exclusives anymore.. even Dead Rising 2 is coming to PS3.

I have to say the only thing I liked about the first one was the MP, and that was when I first got my 360 so it was the first "next-gen" MP game I played. Lost Planet 2 looks like it's shaping up very nicely. I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this.

I did not murder him3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

I don't think it matters until they say otherwise. I'm just glad the devs are designing this engine that is customize for the 360s hardware and is not being held back.


psiom3485d ago

Haha "held back"...

No really, that's a good one.

I did not murder him3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Disagreeing won't change anything.

Multi Core/thread development is on its way to a good start.

The 360 needs more engines like this to use more of its power. MT FrameWork 2.0 is a good start. The MT stands for Multi-Thread by the way. 360s unified architecture will complement these techniques well.

psiom3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

^ that's all good and well, but why does it not look as good as many other games? Sure as hell not impressing me like Gears 2 did, and alongside Killzone 2 it looks good but completely unremarkable.

When a game is produced on 360 with better graphics than the current PS3 lineup, start talking about "held back".

Hobadoon3485d ago

This looks better than Gears 2 (Graphically). I own Gears 2 as well. Honestly, Resident Evil 5's graphics blew my mind. MT Frame is definitely a contender in terms of pumping out graphics.

TheExecutive3485d ago

Is this gameplay from the PC or 360? It definitely looks like its from the PC to me.

G4Chicks3485d ago

im sorry why wouldn't the ps3 version be good?
i think this ip will stay on 360 because its mainly known there, the company knows the architecture better than ps3 and they probably feel they could make more profit by selling to their initial audience rather than adding costs developing for two groups. i could be wrong but its definitely an educated guess. rather than fanboyism.
wow i heard from a friend that this site is known for fanboyism but wow i didnt think there would be comments like this ALL over the place. and that goes for both sides

Gue13485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

The X360 CPU is based on the Cell plus its CPU does not provide direct support to the GPU... Anything the X360 can do the PS3 can do it better.

Render graphics on GPU ---> Run with CPU and sustain on Ram

And this is just the tip of the iceberg about all the things that make the PS3 superior. The Specialized SPE's are another example of what I'm talking about because they can run practically anything from sound to physics, from animations to effects and leave more resource to the CPU to run other important things. ;)

The only problem is, beside the Cell what other processors are on the market that use SPE's? New technologies take time to get used to them.

G4Chicks3485d ago

thanks for the educated response
guess you learn something new everyday:)
bubbles to you sir

7thNightvolley3485d ago

so picking this up, the first one i got for my 360 was real fun MP. and the graphics to me looks beautiful. MT2.0 is sure a sweet engine. 1 day purchase for me.

ManGastaS3485d ago

@ happyface
"looks amazing
no ps triple version is a disaster for Sony"

If it comes out for 360 in the same day uncharted 2 comes out for PS3 that will be a disaster for Sony for sure!

ZuperAmazingCooKie3484d ago

As if you know anything about what you're talking about! HAHAHAHA

Why Dis, The cell processor is much more advanced in terms of parallel processing. That's not an opinion, that's a fact.

I love how the idiot fanboys disagree with the following statement:

"And this is just the tip of the iceberg about all the things that make the PS3 superior. The Specialized SPE's are another example of what I'm talking about because they can run practically anything from sound to physics, from animations to effects and leave more resource to the CPU to run other important things. ;)"

Yeah, because fanboys know better. Here's another fact for you: The 360 CPU is so weak it can't be used for graphics. The Cell is used for graphics.

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lloyd_wonder3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Did this get a visual downgrade?

Looks abit bland-- all around, not just graphics.

UnwanteDreamz3485d ago

No it's supposed to look like wet plastic.

3485d ago
BX813485d ago

Who is that in your pic? Looks like Andre 3000 with some shades on!!! LOL

7thNightvolley3485d ago

this game looks amazing i dont care what anyone says i am being really frank now no BS.. lp2 is beautiful. nice one capcom. wow.

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