Burnout: Cops & Robbers DLC priced and cheaper on XBOX

Criterion did good by you Burnout Paradise fans, putting out more free DLC than you could have hoped for, but now it's time to pay up, and rightly so we say.

It has confirmed that the Cops & Robbers DLC pack going live this Thursday will cost 800 MS points on Xbox Live. That works out to roughly £6.80, and the weird thing is that the same DLC will set PlayStation3 owners back £7.99.

Why is it cheaper on Xbox 360? Theories on the back of a postcard. The Cops & Robbers pack will add police cars and new car chase gameplay to the hefty package.

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nycredude3461d ago

Umm... Because that is what the average xbox 360 owner's allowance money will afford them??

J/K Had to go there they set themselves up for that one!

WildArmed3461d ago

Although.. nvm not gonna get it ^^

I just love the co-op in this anywayz.. dont usually play competitive.

(fuk u Akira)