Eurogamer: Dark Void Hands on Preview

Eurogamer: "Never mind trade shows - not being Resident Evil or Street Fighter, poor old Dark Void struggles to make itself heard over the din at Captivate. It - wait, hang on, I've done this intro before. Then again, in its Captivate 09 demo of a playable level from midway through the game, Airtight Studios is in same-again mode too, emphasising the contrast - and cross-polination - between the jetpack dogfighting that draws from the studio's roots in Crimson Skies, and the third-person cover combat that makes up the rest of the game.

Not that a little reiteration isn't welcome, because we haven't heard much from the Void since it made its entrance last year. Speaking on the opening evening of Captivate 09, Capcom executive Mark Beaumont said he thought it could be one of the publisher's "most significant" games of 2009 by the time it comes out simultaneously on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Is it?"

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