The Wall for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC

Set on Earth, 300 years after a global catastrophe that changed the world forever, three factions form a delicate balance of power in the new world: the Fascists, the Separatists, and the Church. The fascist new government rules by fear and military power. The separatist's movement is a tribal society of fierce warriors that live in the ruins of old cities and dwell underwater. Finally, the Church, it is a secret sect of which almost nothing is known. A master plan has finally been set in motion, after over two millenia, to take out these societies. Will this be a final end, a final beginning, or man's final fall?

One man is the key to it all...

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techie4755d ago

I wondered where this game had got to. sounds good.

NoUseMerc4755d ago

Yeah I can't wait for the game. It sounds like it will bring some new stuff to FPS games.

PS360WII4755d ago

Upgradeable and customizable weapons! That alone sounds pretty cool. It'll be fun to hear more on this one

Pathetic N4G Website4755d ago

Has it got Dave, Nick, Roger and Rick as playable characters ?