Square Enix Trademark 'Dragon Quest Wars'

Square Enix have submitted a new trademark application for 'Dragon Quest Wars', which suggests they are going to continue to go forward with their strategy of utilising existing franchises as a priority.

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Selyah3460d ago

Kinda interesting I wonder if they actually have an SRPG in mind would be quite a different turn for the series though.

SpoonyRedMage3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

What about an RTSRPG on a mass scale. I'd love to send an army of faithful slimes to battle. It would be epic.

mephman3460d ago

Haha, I think Japanese people would actually go crazy for that scenario.

raztad3460d ago

OMG, SE is so erratic these days, here's hopping they dont screw this game up. DQ is just a damn fine game as it is. I feel like they could be trying too hard to appeal western costumers leaving behind what made them so successful as a company, JAPANESE rpgs.

This is a bit lame, it seems they are taking lessons from theirs master MS. Halo Wars ----> DQ Wars. Lets slap on DQ to anything and see it to sells.

DragonWarrior_43460d ago

First off dont ever put Halo in the same sentence as Dragon Quest. Halo is not worthy to even be in the same paragraph. As for Dragon Quest being good as it is, I feel that the series has went down the drain since part 8. The wii game was garbage. I dont know how good the new ds game will be with its online, but considering Squeenix has changed their formula with everything, It wouldn't be surprising if they screwed up this franchise more then they already did.

SpoonyRedMage3460d ago

DQ Swords is based of an older game and if DQIX is anything like DQM: J it's going to be great.

Cartesian3D3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

Square thinks japan is a little market ..
they can only make money in japan, FFXIII their best international title will sell like 2-3 million in japan and may be 2-3 million in other regions(50% 50% at best)..

companies like CAPCOM,SEGA,SONY,sega .. other japanese publishers.. will make and support new franchise(with more western taste) and make more money world wide.they made so much more money(next gen or in PSP or Wii) than them even in japan.

the only thing SQuare have is Dragon quest and FF games.. Im so sorry for them.. they have like 3000 staff(one of the biggest devs beside Blizzard) , but with stupid management they will FAIL.

Baka-akaB3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

They are desperate . Of course they are in no danger , because they pump ff remix and ff7 stuff and Dq games like crazy . It will keep them affloat for long .

They are just running a bit scared , with every new ip they lately created failing , and their exclusives not selling well .

Why do you think Wada only truly speaks now , besides damage control ?
Sega is back on its A game (besides the obvious sony fiasco wich still gives them lots of money) , Capcom is printing money , so is Namco ...
Level 5 and atlus are kicking their butts in the rpg quality departement
They gotta keep feeding themselves by absorbing companies , and pumping new west oriented stuff .

Wich would be fine , if lately it wasnt all crap

DragonWarrior_43460d ago

The only reason why they are failing with their new ip's is because they are trying to cater to the western audience. It also doesn't help them much when all of their supporters mostly have ps3's and they only make 360 and Wii games. Their business model makes no freaking sense at all.

Baka-akaB3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

I dont entirely agree , while going on 360 was a bad move obviously . People might not follow on ps3 if the game were as mediocre as what they proposed lately (aside from quality ff remix or new titles) .
Hell oneof the latest crystal chronicle title was crap and didnt sell well for a FF , for that very reason .
They also pushed for a new DS ip Sigma Harmonics that didnt work either .

The only game i see from their latest batch having a big impact on ps3 would have been Star ocean 4

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