A title no gamer should ever miss: Maximo

Gamer Limit writes: "I was spending the day out of town when I came across a gamestop that I have never been in before. Being a frugal shopper, I decided to take a gander into their bargain bin. Hovering over the countless array of Madden and Grand Theft Auto titles I carefully perused the selection until my eyes picked apart every spine and price tag. As I was getting up to leave I noticed a familiar name and lettering on one of the cases. Pulling the game out I realized my eyes were not fooling me, and I was holding a copy of Maximo: Ghosts to Glory for a mere $2.99."

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andron3486d ago

Can be a bit hard, but this one and the sequel were two great games...

badz1493485d ago

it's a great game but it's hard! I didn't finish both. this game is like ghost & goblins in 3D! everybody knows how hard that game is in 2D!

syvergy3486d ago

This was a fantastic, and under rated game.

Clance3486d ago

Sounds like a bargain... I must play this! Hope I find one for a similar price!

Godem3486d ago

hmm i hated it when I played it.... but each to their own I guess!

va_bank3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

I never played this one, but the sequel (Army of Zin) was awesome. I'll try this one when I'm bored.

I'm really starting to wish they would release old PS2 games on PSP, that would be another good use of the system.

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The story is too old to be commented.