HOLLYWOOD: Collaboration on the Upswing

The second half of the Hollywood and Games Summit covered how some parts of the games-film marriage are beginning to click, particularly between game and special effects studios.

Much of the development cycle of a film-based game takes place prior to finalization of the script, and certainly before cinematic coverage has been completed. Often, games are developed for years, whereas cinematic turnaround can take as little as eleven months.

With Marvel characters, the process is easier.

Said Chris Archer, executive producer at Treyarch, "It's easier to develop on [Marvel] characters because they've stood the test of time." Developing the game world for a thirty year old franchise gives designers a head start on the film.

"All of the mechanics of what the character can do, the designers have access to," added Kevin Feige, president of production at Marvel Studios, Inc.

Both companies are looking forward to a more collaborative future. "Shared Assets. That's the Holy Grail," said Feige.

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