Free Realms to launch today

Gamezine: Sony Online's fantasy MMO for 10-14 years old will launch later today.

Free Realms, Sony's free-to-play MMO for young people will exit it closed PC beta later today and be made available to all.

We exclusively revealed at that the game would be released for PCs in April, and Sony Online has pulled through to make this happen.

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techie3460d ago

Surprised - couldn't even get the Beta to work.

nycredude3460d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

I hope you are between 10-14 Years old. If not you jsut owned yourself.

Edit: Damn 3 disagrees. I guess everyone know Deep's age. Why does everyone here take everything so seriously. It's the internet people!

hay3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

@1.1: As if you never watched, a cartoon or play a game with rating lower than 18+. Ever heard of people having children? Guess not.
Acutally the game was meant to be designed to appeal broad audience not only kiddies. Who's pwning who now?

On topic: Cool, I'll check it out soon. I wonder how it shaped in the end.

nycredude3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

What are you his biatch or something.

let him speak for himself. You need to take a chill pill. N4g members don't need no loud mouth spokeman.

Edit: How the feck you know what I watch and what I play. Pretty self centered of you to think people watch and play what you deem to be normal. FYI I stop watching cartoons like 15 years ago.

On topic: It's nice that Sony is really spreading the software love. I have niece and nephews that are into this stuff so I'll bring it to their attention. This is free to play right?

techie3459d ago

I was meant to be testing it - kids generally don't know how to report bugs...

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timestoby3460d ago

lol they tryn to market this for the young crowd but from the trailer i seen on psn,this 32 yer old would like to play this. im going to play the pc game and cant wait for the ps3 version,although i wont pay for the pc one and will prob pay for the ps3 versions extras.

Darkiewonder3460d ago

i got accepted the beta awhile back. Tried it for 5 minutes and couldn't get hooked. Oh well. there were people there in the beta I'm sure they liked it.

Jrome3459d ago

This game is nice for the younger kids. It didn't have enough action for me personally, but it was definitely fun. Fun factor = 10/10

raztad3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

I know this one is aimed to Everyone and is kids safe but I just dont mind to give it a try. :D. If anything I could define myself as a casual mmo player :), so something fresh, some minigames, and a bit of quick action could do the trick for me.

EDIT: Wow I got an ultra AWESOME idea, this is a game me and my girlfriend can play together, right now she is in another country, amazing. Im just happy gamer.

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