IncGamers: MMO WEEKLY 28/04

IncGamers' Jeff Hollis is back with a look at the controversy surrounding the iPhone port of WoW and the demise of Shadowbane.

"In a nutshell, you don't really play WoW on the iPhone. You kind of manage it."

"I loved many aspects of Shadowbane; in fact, the balance of the classes in PvP really struck me as nearly perfect."

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Fyzzu4089d ago

Yeah, I wasn't all that impressed with the idea of WoW on an iPhone myself. A cool application of an idea, but only in theory.

Leord4089d ago

The iPhone app alone is well worth getting an iPhone, if I can check my AH etc at work, that would be AWESOME!

thetamer4089d ago

Forget the WoW iPhone app, what the heck is going on with Shadowbane?!?!?

Cogo4089d ago

The thing with the iPhone feature is that it's good for what it's used for, simple things, but not used for raiding etc. OTOH, who wants to raid on a bus anyway, and if you do, why not bring a laptop?

Dorjan4089d ago

I've not even heard of shadowbane!? SIX YEARS?

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