Fastest-Growing Casual Games Company Launches New Game Hub:

Future Ads is expressly designed to provide a premium gaming experience for its users and unprecedented revenue opportunities for individual game developers and publishers -- all while offering advertisers powerful opportunities to target and engage this highly responsive, exploding demographic.

"With 200 million players worldwide, casual gaming is one of the fastest-growing - and most recession-proof - categories online," said Future Ads CEO Jared Pobre. "But there are tens of thousands of great games out there 'all dressed up, with no place to go.''s mission is to be the first online destination that can successfully marry players, independent developers, major publishers...and profits."

Taking the hugely successful - and profitable - Gamevance model a step further, PlaySushi is designed to provide tens of millions of users with an almost limitless selection of games, while simultaneously enabling developers and third parties to easily and efficiently generate revenue and profits, all without impacting the positive - and free - gaming experience of its users.

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