1.40 Patch for PES 2009

The Patch 1.40 for Pro Evoluion Soccer 2009 is now avaiable.

To install it, simply connect to the PSN with the game inserted.

Size: 41 MB

The features have not been disclosed yet, but CoPlaNet noticed that some transfers of January are not yet present (See Pazzini to Sampdoria)

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Pintur3465d ago

Is available on X360?

Omeganex99993464d ago

Well, nice if you ASC me. Just can't wait to go home and ASC.

deadflower813464d ago

I want to play with updated squad rosters!

arvfab3464d ago

Has anyone found out what the update was good for?

Omeganex99993464d ago

I guess it was an ASCdate for updating the ASCs and the roosters.

GVON3464d ago

no I'm about to update.I hope they've tweaked the game again,1.30 was huge in terms of game mechanics,but hopefully my kit packs won't be affected.

GVON3464d ago

first my kit's and stuff a re safe,if anyone doesn't have the kit's and other updates try this pack

I only had a quick game but I noticed a few changes,very slight but noticeable.
First touch feels a little bette
long,or chipped balls look more realistic
felt like I had more control over my player movement off the ball
if someone knocks the the ball past you the player now turns quicker,before it was slightly hesitant.

That's I picked up on

jromao3464d ago

After a few games I can say gameplay is improved, now with players more responsive and fluid we can get more fun and some moves before we didn't see often.

They really care about the game in PES 2009. Nice work.

(Didn't tested online)