Marvel vs Capcom 2, Old Graphics vs New Graphics

Kotaku writes: "While Marvel vs Capcom may not be as comprehensive a re-release as the recent SSFIIHD - it's more of a straight-up port - it's still getting a few graphical improvements.

You'll be given the option of playing the game in three graphics modes: Classic, Smooth & Crisp. Classic is as you'd expect, the original Dreamcast pixels. Smooth throws in 2x bilinear filtering, while crisp goes one better and goes for 3x bilinear filtering."

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DelbertGrady3513d ago

Will be available on XBL/PSN as DLC when the game is released ;)

LightofDarkness3513d ago

Looks more like the 2XSai video blitter than "3x Bilinear Filtering." I've never even heard of 2x/3x Bilinear Filtering. Perhaps they mean Scale 2x/3x?

SaiyanFury3513d ago

Agreed, now if they could use 2xSuperSai filtering it would look really good. :)

ForNgoods3513d ago

But i really dont think it'll be needed. What makes this title so appealing is the online capabilities. Dont know how things are where you live but where i am arcades have all but faded away and there really isnt much of a crowd that plays this kinda stuff anymore. Hell i'd even play 50 for this download and I already have two copies on my DC.

blodulv3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Sorry, take the time to do it right. A few graphics filters aint gonna cut it for me.

gnothe13513d ago

your just not a fan of the game because if you were you wouldn't let something as tiny as this stop you from buying a great great game. I swear people have got to caught up on GRAPHICS an have forgot WHY WE PLAY GAMES!!

Bnet3433513d ago

lol are you serious? you won't buy the game because it won't have graphics filters? Wow ....

DMasta7183513d ago

Do you know how long it would take if they were to HD remake it? Longer than it took for SSF2T to come out and you know how much of a wait that was.

Be glad that they are re-releasing it for $20 or less with online play than buying the game for $60 to $100

blodulv3513d ago

Of course I'm a fan of the game and I understand that graphics aren't always everything, but seriously though, if we as gamers aren't concerned in any way about graphical enhancements, then why the hell are we forking over lots of cash for these fancy new HDTV's? You tell me.

The PSN demo coming soon is supposed to be upscaled to 1080p and I'm definately going to check that out, but even so if there not willing to do a full on HD remix in all it's glory (regardless of how long it takes), then I'll save my $20 and continue to play the original. SSF2THD was gorgeous to look at imo and they should have followed suit.

Baka-akaB3513d ago

HD remix for what ? It was done to sf2 so it could look like SF3 or MvC2 .. ok they are old , but they dont need as much rehaul .... an upscale paint is quite enough

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M_Prime3513d ago

Depends on the price.. but i may pick this up.. I spent a lot of quarters on MARVEL VS CAPCOM 1, and quite a bit on MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2.. but i liked the play mechanics of part 1 better... my friends and i knew all the button combinations to get the special characters we wanted. and we learned to harness the mighty power of JIN.. however this was in grade 7/8. now i'm 4th year university but i did play part 2 like 2 years ago and then they took out the arcade at school so i had nowhere to play this awsome game.

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The story is too old to be commented.