Fan-Made Campaign #FreeMvC2 Asks for Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Re-Release

The #FreeMvC2 hashtag is picking up steam as YouTuber Maximilian Dood is trying to developers to put out Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on modern hardware.

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FallenAngel198449d ago

Capcom should rerelease all the MvC titles on modern platforms to get good faith in the series once again after Infinite tarnished its reputation. That game did so bad it put the future of this series in jeopardy

You don’t even see MvC at EVO anymore because of that trash fire

Lexreborn248d ago

You should really look at the number directly from Capcom. The Marvel Vs since 2 had barely maintained 2 million copies sold and with UMVC3 with 3 releases made up about 3 million sales across 4 devices. Infinite sold 1.7 million which is actually considered a success by capcom standards. However, that doesn't mean Disney saw it as a success using their titles. Which is probably why the rumors of a new Marvel game being pushed by Netherrealm might be where the franchise is going.

MVCI was killed by the "fans" a common theme going on with a lot of things in gaming when someone doesn't get their way. MVCI still has a very active scene of people who really enjoyed the game and had been asking for it to return to EVO for sometime.

People have got to stop acting like MVCI was a bad game because it wasn't. It was probably the most balanced game in the entire franchise. It was just hammered by disney interference while not allowing select characters in in favor of the MCEU.

FallenAngel198448d ago

Capcom’s better selling games are also sold physically as well as digitally. The MvC2 rerelease on that list was only available digitally. Plus it got discontinued in 2013 which negated any future sales

Despite all that MvC2 only sold 300k less than MvC:I. That’s nothing to brag about.

MvC: I got outperformed by Injustice 2, Pokken Tournament DX, & Dragon Ball FighterZ. Trying to blame fans for the game’s underperformance is ludicrous when you see how much the title itself alienates its audience. When you exclude a lot of longtime fan favorite characters, implement an underwhelming art style & expect people to be okay with that this is the result.

The issues with the title go beyond the roster.

Lexreborn248d ago

Again, if you look at the core numbers, MVCI had 1 release and did nearly 2 million. MVC3 had not 1, not 2 but 3 separate releases and maintained the same sales actually showing a decline.

That right there is a failure, and if you feel because MvC2 sold over a million means it invalidates MvCI when overall MvC2 didn’t sell over a million in its Dreamcast debut or PS2 and Xbox release…

It’s 1.4 million sales as a DL only was the most success it’s had period. You have to look at the bigger picture for these titles as this isn’t me spinning an opinion. This is based on how Capcom works, and if you aren’t supporting it then why would they continue to make it?

Broke my heart to realize how under appreciated mega man X games are. But, looking at the sales I fully understand why we haven’t been seeing much of him. He doesn’t sell

Seraphim48d ago

was just thinking about this game the other night.... if they can re-release it as it was I'd be all for it. I don't want character model changes, characters missing, etc.

Gaming4Life198148d ago

Yea re release it, should have never been pulled from the store anyway.

Teflon0248d ago

Would definitely be nice and Max definitely has pull with the fighting game scene so if he's pushing and it's possible, it'll probably happen.

VersusDMC48d ago

Ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 PS4 got shadow dropped at a Sony conference for 20 bucks.
And is still available to purchase as well as infinite. So i don't know what the specific rights issues with MVC2 are. Maybe it's just that Capcom doesn't think it's worth it to re release? Maybe UMVC3 didn't sell that well?

I would definitely buy a PS4/5 version. Maybe since Sony owns Evo now they should foot the bill and get it on PS4/5 themselves. Would buy a ton of goodwill from the fighting game community.

Lexreborn248d ago

If you go to Capcom japans Platinum titles list you can see the numbers. UMVC3 released as MVC3 and then UMVC3 on PS3/360 then PS3/360/Vita/PC/Xbone/PS4 and it still only sold about 3 million collectively. The FGC destroyed our ability to get more of these games with their whining combines with silly rants about character design as if it couldn't be altered/fixed. And when the complaints was address the FGC moved on to other games and didn't look back.

I remember on EVO floors players begging MVCI to come back. And, even as far as Capcom cup asking for them to support it more. But the PR damage was done.

VersusDMC48d ago

Well i meant UMVC 3 sales specifically on X1 and PS4. I assume that would be the gauge of whether or not to release MVC2 on PS4/X1 as well. And maybe even the MVC2 360/PS3 release sold poorly as well?

And wasn't SFV under a lot of PR pressure at launch as well but still survived and is still big at Evo? Maybe it was normie pressure and not FGC pressure.

Lexreborn248d ago

SFV actually sold over 5 million with 1 standalone release. They consider it to be the most successful Street Fighter next to 2 and it's possible it can still overtake 2.

UMVC3 on PS4 and Xbone sold 1.1 million copies with the 360/ps3 copy selling 1.2. So they essentially sold to the same exact people. MVC3 vanilla which REALLY left a bad taste in peoples mouths sold 2.2 million. The decline on MVC titles is real and ultimately more then likely barely profitable for a title that is under the Marvel banner.

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