Modern Warfare 2 on the Wii? Not likely

Nintendoeverything reports: Hopes of seeing a Wii release of the FPS Modern Warfare 2, the next installment in the Call of Duty franchise may not see a Wii release.

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swiftshot933513d ago

that would imply that a AAA third-party game (read: sequel to one of the greatest FPS of all time) with good sales would grace the wii, which is not technically possible.

SinnedNogara3513d ago

If they are releasing it on the DS, why not the Wii. Same with Assassin's Creed 2 and Army of Two 2 (40th Day). Why release on a handheld. Especially with CoD's success on the Wii (1.15 million and 1.09 million).

If Treyarch handled the system right (and by that I mean made a MUCH better Wii engine) and retained all the features, then I believe it would be a good game. Every other Call of Duty game can't be released on the Wii. One year it is and the next year it isn't.

Still, if this doesn't come through, I will buy it on the PS3. Either way, it will be a blast on all systems.

Marcelles253513d ago

wasting the developers time and resources
cause you need a whole separate team to work on the title can't port pS3 to wii WAY too hard
and the nintendo wii is a casual gaming system not hardcore so no incentive to do it, wouldn't make a profit

STK0263513d ago

why not on the Wii? Maybe because IW is doing MW2, not the B-team.

SinnedNogara3513d ago

Yeah, but Treyarch can work with Infinity Ward to move it to the Wii. You never know.

And let Wii owners have their fun. The PS3/360 versions are bound to be better anyway.

Smacktard3513d ago

Perhaps in graphics, but if done right, you couldn't even compare them in control.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3513d ago

It would be a waste of resources.

n4f3513d ago

well if it come to the wii i defenitly buy it. believe me

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lord_of_balrogs3513d ago

CoD's core audience is on the 360 and the PS3. Why should IW waste their time developing a dumbed down Wii version? They should just subcontract Wii development if there is any to some lessar studio.

Trevorthenerd3512d ago

how come call of duty 5 sold so well on wii?

jamesrocks31473513d ago

no way as good as ps3 or xbox 360 it would be more like ps2 graphics personally IW will earn so much money off the game i wouldnt botherd with a wii version of it. no point the casual gamers on the wii arnt interested in MW2 if they wanted it theyd get it on another console it would make more sense, taking graphics and controllers into account

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The story is too old to be commented.