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GWAVE3487d ago

Interesting news. So will XBLA get a demo early, or only when the game itself comes out?

CaseyRyback_CPO3487d ago

who cares :) This is like jesus just came down from heaven and said "check this out broseph!" then you say "broseph?" then he vanishes.

WhittO3487d ago

lol the good news for the ps3 is never-ending !!

Let the exclusives keep flowing in !

Who said you need subscriptions to pay for exclusive content ?!

N4PS3G3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )


This has nothing to do with exclusivity but the fact that XBLA trials can only come out at the same time as the full game.

kingOVsticks3487d ago

so are you but you don't hear us b!tching about it :D

see what I did there?

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Lifendz3487d ago

Glad to see Sony finally gets that exclusivity matters but I was buying this one regardless. Thank you Capcom for giving us what we wanted.

Square, take notice.

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3487d ago

i still have my ps2 copy.

for those of you with large 720p/1080p that cant stand the blurryness:

in xmb video options, custom set your video output to 480p and then boot game.

Game looks much better that way.

specialguest3486d ago

BLuKhaos must be a DC fanboy. I didn't know comicbook fanboys still exist.

s8anicslayer3486d ago

too bad for those people on ebay selling the dc and ps2 version for $80+ your copies are worthless now well not really but definetly not $80

MAiKU3486d ago

I'm glad it's based off the dreamcast code.

Montrealien3486d ago

this is awesome news, scratch that , its retarded amazing news and like SF2 HD, the Playstation 3 will be my console for choice for this fighter. Now here's just hoping we don't need to get an episode of Qore for the Demo, lol

AKNAA3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Whoa! I'm still shocked that Sony for once got an exclusive "something, anything" for the very first time from capcom!
How on earth did this happen?!

sack_boi3486d ago

The thing is with XBLA, the demos are the full game and you just download the unlock code if you choose to buy it. So its not hard to believe that for that reason having demos of XBLA games before release is not allowed.

Ahmay3486d ago

download the demo. and pay to unlock full version with add on taking less memory than the demo..

Willio3486d ago

its a freaking demo. who cares about exclusitivity.

ShabzS3486d ago

sack_boi pretty much sums it up... arcade demos are full version games but you unlock by getting the code after release

Tito Jackson3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

I actually went out and bought another dreamcast and bought MVSC2 on ebay, just so I could play it.
I love this game and I'm so glad its coming to XBLA/PSN.
Now, bring me PowerStone2 and Skies of Arcadia. :)

vhero3486d ago

I will be playing this on Thursday and I will think about all you 360 owners who have to wait for full edition to be released to play the game in HD glory.... And then wonder why you chose a 360 over a ps3... Get both like me :p

rockleex3486d ago

Isn't that the version with the most glitches?

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INehalemEXI3487d ago

WTF, GTFO, no flipping way. ...seriously? unholy Bleepsauce....your kidding me...Bleep yeah !

I wonder if this will work with my universal slightly cheap arse arcade stick. Last time I checked SFIV did not but SSFIITHDRemix did. Hmmm.

Immortal Kaim3487d ago

That is strange? Why would they do that?

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N4PS3G3487d ago

Nothing to do with sales..because then it would have been exclusive to 360
its just that XBLA trials can only come out at the same time as the full game.

Da One3487d ago

Japan would like a word with you

Dragun6193487d ago

I guess it would be fair trade as Xbox360 owners get the Bionic Commando demo.
Anyways can't wait to get MVC2 on PSN cuz you know we can gameshare.

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Danja3486d ago

I would really like to know.... why was my comments deleted when it was nothing fanboyish , im pretty sure this one will also be deleted and result in me being banned and bubble loss , but this is the reason why I rarely comment here anymore the mods are the biggest fanboys on this site ...look at this thread there are fanboy comments all over the place and none are deletd yet honest opinions are deleted ...just because someone got offended..

FlameBaitGod3486d ago

Its only some moderators cus i have been banned for retarded reasons. Some mods in here are just 360 fan boys.

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Marceles3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Epic announcement


- It’s based on the Dreamcast code base (the best version!)
- There is online (same system as SSF2TR)
- HD upscaling options
- All 56 characters will be unlocked at the start for immediate play (I actually wanted the unlocking but that's ok)
- Independent music volume controls and support of custom soundtracks on PS3 and 360 we deemed an important feature

Darkiewonder3487d ago

XBLA titles have demo when the full game is released. Since the game isn't releasing any time soon they'll probably end up doing the same thing they did with the SFII Turbo Beta /Commando 3 game.

Hallucinate3486d ago

isnt red fraction demo out on XBLA and it comes out in june

Cheeseknight283486d ago

Red Faction is not an XBLA title, Marvel vs Capcom is. Demos for full games can be released early, but XBLA titles have to wait until release day for the full game.