New Ace Attorney game as good as announced

Gamer Limit writes "For quite some time, there has been talk of a new game in Japan. While it's set for a May release in the land of the rising sun, the rest of us haven't heard so much as a peep about an international release. That is, until today."

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SkankinGarbage3464d ago

I've been anticipating this for way too long. Good to know!

chrisjc3464d ago

I still need to play the first one.

Can anyone recommend it?

Cheeseknight283464d ago

It's still a great game, so long as you are into the investigation genre. The original was the only one that utilized DS specific features, the rest just had touch (Dunno about Apollo Justice... haven't tried it).

windmill1453464d ago

Justice HIGHLY recommends it, assuming you like text heavy games. You'll come for the compelling story, you'll stay for the funny over the top characters.

DNAgent3464d ago

Only the first game was good.