Trade in a PS2, get $100 off a PS3

Joystiq's Andrew Yoon writes:
"Don't have a PS3 yet? Really? Why?! Gamestop has a very good promotion right now, allowing you to save $100 off the purchase of a 80GB PS3 system when you trade in your PS2 and three games."

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Genesis53464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

That is a pretty good deal. Though the B/C thing might pose a problem for those that still play their PS2 games once in awhile.

Raoh3464d ago

good deal, they did this when the ps3 first came out to. but if your a hardcore ps2 gamer with a large library, giving up your ps2 for a non BC ps3 wont seem to appealing.

Myst3464d ago

I agree especially since mine is the 40 GB PS3, trading in a PS2 for a PS3 without backwards compatibility for PS2 games doesn't seem all that worth it, but if people don't care then go for it. Although it's good to be able to finally play some PSX games since my PS2 won't do it anymore, so that's a plus.

eagle213464d ago

Hurry up kids (pp and the gang) :)

Divinius3464d ago

Now I might juts be paranoid, but Gamestop doesn't just do good deals (normally money hungry). Now it is close to E3 and there is the looming possibility of a price cut, now Gamestop seems to love ripping people off, so maybe they know ahead of time of this announcement of a price cut on the PS3.

So maybe they are just trying to get your PS2 and sell a you a 300 dollar PS3, when in a few months the ps3 could just be 300 dollars. I know I am acting paranoid but I think gamestop is just doing a last minute attempt in ripping off your PS3.

Dell is selling the PS3 now for around 300 dollars with the current deal they have for a limited time(and as much as I hate Dell for overpricing computers) it looks like its a smarter idea to buy it from dell (duh because you are not losing your PS2 and still getting a ps3 for 300 dollars)

nightelfmohawk3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

I was going to post this, but you beat me to it. This is NOT a good deal. Gamestop, as usual, is only looking to rip people off just before the likely price cut.

Dell is selling the PS3 for $300 plus tax online (they even offer financing for qualified buyers). The rumor is that this is in anticipation of an announced price cut at E3. Whether or not that price cut happens, you can already get the PS3 for $100 off at Dell without having to trade in anything.

I don't personally have a big problem with Gamestop (aside from their shady practice of selling opened games as "new"), but most of their "deals" are a rip off just like most any retail store. I do think their used PS2 games are usually priced fairly, but deals like this are just looking to **** over consumers.