AntiVirus now available for the PS3

Our good friends at Trend Micro have been a leader in Anti-Virus services for quite some time, and now they offer there services for the Playstation 3 web browser.

It seems that with the latest update of firmware 2.70, Trend Micro is offering a trial service for the Playstation 3 web browser in two varieties.

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popcan3460d ago

This is what happens when you have internet browsers.

The Xbox 360 is Microsoft's Apple to Sony's Vista.

Blaze9293460d ago

who wouldve thought. I think the PSP has this now too.

- Ghost of Sparta -3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

PC viruses won't work on a PS3. Try browsing through every PS3 related gaming forum (or even Google it), see if you can find a thread about anyone catching a virus on their PS3. You won't.

LostDjinn3460d ago

You're using Microsoft quality failures to insult Sony products.

Either you're insane or one of the most stupid people on the planet.
Which ever way it is, just try to think things through in future.
It really will help. I promise.

Gue13460d ago

We should start thinking about who makes this viruses? It's not the same as on PC, you just can't go grab C++ and start programing a virus for PS3... If there are Viruses for PS3 then someone that programs for PS3's the only that can create a virus for it.

My point? I don't think the average joe could program a virus for a console where only devs are the only ones with resources to do something like that. If Trend Micro starts charging for this then... Let's just call it business. ;)

JhawkFootball063460d ago

oh wow, if the time has come for viruses on consoles, I would be fine without a web browser on my PS3 if it means that there is even a slight chance. Better to use my computer anyways for the mouse and keyboard to sit on the desk

GVON3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

Article mentions nothing about getting avirus on Ps3 or as the title suggests virus software for Ps3.

"Our good friends at Trend Micro have been a leader in Anti-Virus services for quite some time, and now they offer there services for the Playstation 3 web browser

It seems that with the latest update of firmware 2.70, Trend Micro is offering a trial service for the Playstation 3 web browser in two varieties.

The first of which is a web filter, which will help you filter out adult content and spam to keep your children safe on the web. The filter will remove images and search results of innappropriate matter as well as block known websites that contain adult content and illegal matter.

The second is a privacy lock, that helps protect your personal data such as email addresses, passwords and credit card information from falling into the wrong hands. The filter also eliminates most spoof sites of your favorite web destinations, like Paypal knockoffs and Ebay shams."

The first one has been on the Ps3 since last year.

thereapersson3460d ago

i know that being a fanboy usually limits one's ability to make intelligent statements, but your ignorance really takes the cake. that was so utterly stupid that you deserve to have your last bubble taken away and to be relegated to the open zone.

*shakes head in disbelief*

IdleLeeSiuLung3460d ago

There is no known PS3 viruses and this whole thing is just the writer trying to get more hits with a misleading title. All the whole article discusses is a content filter and some "kind" of lock to lock down your information from getting into bad hands. Whatever that means.

There is no virus scanning, which would suggest the browser can access the rest of the system files. I don't believe this is the case.

Mikerra173460d ago

the ps3 cant get PC viruses and who would want to waste their time making one for the ps3

FantasyStar3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

lol, nerd rage

angad3459d ago

If any of you know about this industry you would know, once a company is out with the Antivirus, it usually spreads out viruses itself (though not officially obviously). Be prepared to get viruses on your ps3 very soon. no company is fool enough to spend its resources on something which will not sell.

(sadly, the same thing is done by our dear pharma/medicine industries. If you search the web enough, you would know what im talking about.

madmonkey03459d ago

this has been out for over a year now. check the options on you ps3 browser

ravinash3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Nice conspiracy theory.
While there are companies out there that advertise their anti virus software by pretending that you have a virus and the only way you can get this off is by buying their software....usually this is more malware than virus.
There are plenty of viruses out there for PCs that keep the real companies busy, so they don't need to make their own.

The services listed here are for filters for parental controls etc, nothing to do with viruses.

As for the pharma/medicine industries argument you made. they have plenty of other methods to screw people over without doing something so basically illegal.

SL1M DADDY3459d ago

This is not new news to anybody that knows their PS3 and the software that supports it. This has been around for a long time and seems a little silly to get recognition now, especially since it's been around for over a year. The PS3 has a browser in it. Somebody came up with a way to charge for Security Software. The PS3 does not need it but there are some that would think so... You can see how this is basically a way for some company to get money from those that feel their PS3 needs this level of security. It's a smart way to scam folks out of a few bucks a year.

Now, to all the idiots out there that slam the PS3 for potential viruses due to the browser... Google and get back to me on how many viruses there have been on the PS3's sold to date.

Leathersoup3459d ago

This isn't an antivirus program for the PS3. It's more like a net nanny for the PS3. This comes from the feature list on Trend Micro...

Access to websites that are classified into specific categories (Adult/Sex, Alcohol/Tobacco, Crime, Cults/The Occult, Gambling, Hacking/Proxy Avoidance, Illegal Drugs, Sex Education, Violence/Hate/Racism, Weapons/Military, etc.) can be blocked simply by going to the PS3 Internet Browser menu,*4 selecting “Tool,” and then selecting “Trend Micro Web Security for PS3” from “Browser Security.” A password will be needed.

Clap Your Hands3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

The minute your PS3 boots up, it runs through 4 stages of security at all times. All 4 stages have secrets that will need to be decoded in order to reach the next stage. So think of hacking the PS3 to be similar to a treasure hunt. You discover the clues and figure out a way to piece them all together to find the treasure. Except in this hunt for the booty, if you mess up one tiny thing, the whole mission collapses and your PS3 could possibly explode into vast reaches of outer space.

For starters, the PS3 is not easily fooled like its sibling PSP. Sony has encrypted each hard drive to only work with a specific PS3, which eliminates the possibility of switching them out like memory sticks. The hard drive is then read by the PS3 where it makes sure the drive is registered to the specific console. After verifying the hard drive, the PS3 continues to search for needed files to boot up the OS. This is merely the logo that appears or random files hidden in the system that will trigger the “OK” to boot up. The hard drive is built in layers with the “bootflag.dat” being the first file read on each start up, which then leads into the DRM file and finally … the game files. Several files found in between each of these makes things even more complicated to bypass. We must also note that messing with any of these files will cause the PS3 to read them as missing and not boot up correctly.

If you finally get past the hard drive, you must then face the problems hidden within the actual system itself. We all know the PS3 is a beast with a hearty 7 cells running under the hood as we brag about this on a daily basis. The problem for hackers is how only 6 of these cells are actually accessible, with the 7th cell access being denied to everyone. Not even game developers have access to this 7th cell. Now why is this cell even there if we can’t use it? In a simple sentence, the 7th cell runs the PS3 completely on its own. The cell boots the system up, cracks the codes encrypted in all security branches, and finally keeps the OS running while you play a game or do whatever you normally do. Remember how I talked about the PS3 verifying the HDD in relation to the system? This is where that comes into place. The 7th cell is what verifies everything that needs to be unlocked or encrypted. The 7th cell basically double checks that everything in the PS3 actually belongs to the PS3, so users cannot trade hard drives or share illegal games without the cell noticing and denying access. With the exception of communicating with other cells, this cell cannot be written to or acknowledged by an outside source, making it completely secure from attacks.

If hackers somehow find a way to hack the hard drive and bypass the 7th cell, there is still one more major problem awaiting for them at the next step. If you haven’t heard about Blu-ray, then you are probably thinking PS2 is the shiznit right now and randomly came across this article of the future somehow. Joking aside, Blu-ray is an amazing feature for HD users and a tremendous advancement for all game makers with a massive storage space and fast loading times. However, it is also the biggest problem to every hacker out there. Each Blu-ray disc comes equipped with a special “disc-based” encryption that is stronger than the security we find on DVD. The 128-bit key is hidden within each disc marked as BD-ROM and requires the “special” Blu-ray technology to decrypt it. Does Eboot.bin sound familiar? No? Well for the new guys, this is the file that hides all the required data to run a game or movie, which is very important. Now you can guess what is hidden under the encryption layer of BD. A Blu-ray lens can read the encryption, unlock it, and break it down from a .SELF file and .ELF file for games, where the Eboot file can be shared with the system. Even if this code is bypassed, hackers would have trouble finding ways to boot up a particular file without having the disc inserted. Unlike hacks on the PSP, simply inserting a different disc will not work. So next time you insert a BD and realize the small load time, just remember your PS3 is just doing all these things in a matter of seconds.

While the PS3 is closed down like the gates at Fort Knox, hackers do occasionally find ways to breach the security of the system. Some hackers have tried to steal passwords, some have tried to destroy the PS3 due to their frustrations of failing, and others randomly do something stupid to make us all laugh. Sony finds out about these hacks, or “attempts” as it were, and immediately issue software updates to protect users like you and I. These updates help protect the PS3 from attacks and are required to access the PlayStation Network. When a PS3 logs into the PSN, it registers on the network with its firmware version. Having faulty firmware will get you banned from the PSN permanently and possibly trigger something to go wrong internally. Hacking the PS3 will also void your warranty and you will no longer be allowed to receive repairs. This final precaution is the 4th and final step Sony has taken to prevent the pirates from hacking your PS3.

Remember, these are just the 4 major security walls Sony has implemented within the PS3. Depending on how hackers attempt to hack the PS3, several smaller problems can occur preventing them from going any further. Installing the OS Linux may open up some loop holes, but compared to what hackers have done with the PSP, nothing has ever been quite as successful.

Will we see the PS3 hacked one day? Possibly, depending on if Sony ever releases that 7th cell and how much hackers learn about all the new technology. Right now the PS3 is the safest beast on the market and people don’t really have to worry a whole lot about attacks.

SIdepocket3459d ago

This is why I laugh every time someone lists the PS3's browser as a "feature" over the 360. Like anyone really cares about web browsing on their consoles. Web trends show that even Netscape was used more often last year than the PS3 browser.

GameForFame3459d ago

This has been there for more than a minute...tsk tsk N4G

And the PS3 doesn't even need virus protection. Sort of a waste.

People need to chill, gettin a lil carried away with all of this.

morganfell3459d ago

Which console has been hacked more?

And personally I love kicking back on the couch with a bluetooth keyboard and my 52in XBR to browse the web while listening to tunes streaming across the PS3 java Media Server.

BTW, kicks ass coming across the PS3 browser.

GameForFame3459d ago

Well, it technically is a feature. When you can hit the web and download a DivX movie straight to your PS3 it cuts out the whole process of DLing one on your computer and copying it over to your PS3. Granted, you don't have as wide of a range of sites as on your computer, some you can't really do it through the browser, but some you definitely can.

It's simple, it's easy and if your getting the right movie from the right place it looks great.

So yeah, simply enough, it is a feature. A nice one at that. Sure it's not going to replace my computer or notebook anytime soon, but that's not what it's there for.

FlameBaitGod3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Yeah SIdepocket, watching free movies on my 60 inch HD TV with a home theater system thx 2 my PS3 is a bummer. Rather watch it in a chair on my 22 inch LCD screen than sit in the living room and watch it with friends and family

Viper73459d ago

Hard to find any use for Ps3 Virus protection program. The System is closed like X360 and wii. Not to mention the browser cant really harm the system other than by crashing. Unlike Psp, Ps3 hasnt been hacked to that degree that you could run your software on it, except for the "blu-ray feature trick" which allowed use of emulator (dunno if it still works).

Hard to think any way to Ps3 to catch a Virus as only official games can use its resources. With Linux you could compile and run a virus and bossibly screw up the "other-os/linux" but other than that you would need some really serious backdoors and glitches to do anything to the system.

Maybe this is more of some sort of internet filter to block bossibly harmfull pages?

GameForFame3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

this isn't even necessary. in terms of the browser alone. the browser, by that i mean the other feature of teh PS3 system, another sweet feature I might add. ;-)

MmaFanQc3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

is a walking "epic fail"

and 1.10=damage control

SkyGamer3459d ago

Wow! What a bad idea! Antivirus with ONLY 256MB of ram!? That is why you have a pc for web browsing. This should be really interesting!

njr3459d ago

Average Joe would need a lot of money for a dev kit, so yeah it would be pointless.

Microsoft Xbox 3603459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Look at the clueless 360 fanboys in here. They really believe viruses exist on closed system consoles like the PS3. FYI, the PS3 is not even hacked to run homebrew code yet. Now tell me whats a virus again? Yeah thats right, basically homebrew code.

I'm telling you the fanboys that support the 360 are just grasping at straws here. Laughable group of people.

f7897903459d ago

Some will buy it and they deserve to lose their money.

morganfell3459d ago

Clap, not sure what you meant by 7th Cell. If you mean the 7th SPU that will not happen as that SPU is reserved for the PS3's operation functions so there is no reason for them to release it to devs.

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eagle213460d ago

Xbots: "Must you have everything?"

PS3: "Yesh"


jack who3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

i think its time to lol.....

Bathyj3460d ago

Think you found a bone to gnaw on, do ya?

Yipee Bog3460d ago

mean something? hmm....... cant make the connection

Chubear3460d ago

You seem to have this nack of pwning your own self all the time :/

ElementX3460d ago

I wouldn't mind a bone.... well, nevermind

Bathyj3460d ago

Lets keep it clean ok ElementX? ;)

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