I am: Left4Dead

Gamer Limit writes "This week in I am, I get twitchy with Left4Dead's new survival mode, in which myself and three other players must hold out as long as possible against an endless horde of infected."

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solar3461d ago

so do i. it far exceeded my expectations. its a blast with 3 other mates. total chaos. seeing 3 smokers, 2 hunters, and 2 tanks running at ya is INSANE.

AcesAndEights3461d ago

That looks a really funky mode, think I'm going to go back to Left4Dead and give it a whack.

Fullish3461d ago

Like the co-op, it's a lot more fun when you are with a group of friends.
Pick up groups mostly suck.

syvergy3461d ago

Reminds me of horde mode in GoW

Dimly3461d ago

I really enjoy this new mode. Random groups are awful.

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