appVersity Review: Ignite

It's amazing that in the gaming world we never seem to tire of Platformers. I guess there is just something about having to time those jumps and that feeling of accomplishment as we move smoothly from left to right. Whatever it is, it doesn't matter how advance we get in game design, there's always going to be platformers.

appVersity writes: "With that being said, it's nice that developers like Monster Gila know that there's no reason to be lazy with the genre. Their new game, Ignite, may be another jump from level to level, but it's far from being "just another platformer".

In this game you control Iggy the flameboy (yeah, that name will get you beat up a lot in school) as he does everything he can to protect his world against the evil Water Warlords. Other than the strange character name, you have to admit, there's a nice story here. I mean, fire having to destroy water… that's a tall order, even for a flameboy.

Iggy makes his way from around his world by the use of some very unique controls. You have what is basically a right and left jump button, but you don't just push the buttons, you manipulate them. You actually drag the button up and the direction you want Iggy to go before releasing it and watching him make his move. You'll see a little arc come from Iggy before you jump so you can get the idea where he's going."

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