20 most profitable tech companies

Among Fortune 1000 techs, Microsoft remains on top, taking in $17.7 billion in earnings last year.

Microsoft may not be recession-proof but it turned in a strong performance in a year most companies would like to forget.

Profits jumped 25.7% to $17.7 billion on revenues of $60.4 billion as the software giant offset declining sales of its Windows operating system with increased revenues from its server and tools software products.

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king dong23461d ago

microsoft being the no1 most profitable tech company...

most of n4g wont like to hear that.

now watch the disagrees and bubble raping.

Mikerra173460d ago

I didnt know that microsoft was only 35 or whatever on the fortune 500 companies, I expected them to be higher, but in reality how wouldent they profit? almost every computer in best buy and all those oth stores sell vista with the computers and sell with microsoft software.
this dosnt surprise me at all

Im goona give king dong an agree because I think you really like attention (or need it)

lsujester3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

If anyone is rather technically inclined and has a lot of money, I have an idea for a device to make millions. Basically, what it does is this: you point it at a person, it scans their body and tells you if it is a man or woman.

"Why would you need that?" you may ask. Because there is nothing worse than taking someone home from a bar expecting tacos and getting hot dogs instead.

Guaranteed to put your company on that list. Well, on A list, anyway.

dcbronco3460d ago

The 35 rank is in overall revenue. When it comes to actual profit, Microsoft is a top ten company.

JonahFalcon3460d ago

Windows 7 is going to be a cash cow - thought the Zune Touch may be a cash sink. We'll see.

Mikerra173460d ago

microsoft messed up on vista on purpose, so they can sell windows 7 to all the people that hate vista.

Odion3460d ago

sony would go under an electronic company not a tech company

Daoshai3460d ago

Plus they said profitable companies and analysts have predicted sony to have a $2 loss per share this quarter and an overall loss through the year.