10 Must Haves For The PS3

There is no specific order to the list of games here, rather a list that is compiled to let the user the get the most out of his or her system. So if your looking to buy a PS3 or have one, these are list of games I feel you should check out or have in your library.

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raztad4086d ago

Guy is a shooter lover :D. Good to see HS (pretty fun combat and the storytelling is just off the chain) in that list, but where are LBP, R&C, VC?

Chubear4086d ago

I'm telling you, I can't find enough time to go through all the exclusives I want on the PS3. From sports titles to shooters to racers etc etc Damn, it's like the PS2 all over again.

It seems it's the same with most PS3 gamers. We just can't keep up with exclusives AND multiplat at the same time so we mainly focus on purchasing exclusives and one or two multiplats of developers we totally trust and hoping to get round to renting the rest of the multiplats we like.

The 360 fanbase are very lucky, they don't have to deal with this kind of issue much.

badz1494085d ago

just 10? I think I'll pass because I have more than 20!

shine13964085d ago

looks more like a list of games the site has rather then a list of must haves. burn zombie burn?
instead of lbp/warhawk?

Beast_Master4085d ago

Take off Burn Zombie and add RE5 and you have the list of games I own.

All-34085d ago

Off topic... but...

Guerrilla's producer Sebastian Downie has now stated a fix for allowing the entire Killzone 2 intro, including Guerrilla's logo and Sony presents... is not happening.

"It's not a bug," explains Downey. "It was a requirement by Sony that we extend it. Not a bug and won't be fixed/changed."

himdeel4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

Heavenly Sword
MLB08 or 09
Resistance 1 or 2
Killzone 2
GT Prologue
Val. Chronicles

Didn't include any PSN games with exception of GT Prologue and Warhawk. Also didn't include any multiplats. Either way I'm pleased to see Heavenly Sword on the list as it was underrated.

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chasegamez24086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

[email protected] Tekken 5 Dark Ressurection Online and
[email protected] Burn Zombie Burn there no way these games belong on this list
b4 these other games

these 2 game should be on the list
Warhawk and Little Big Planet and Ratchet & Clank

Trebius4086d ago

But I absolutely agree

RememberThe3574085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )


stevenhiggster4085d ago

Totally agree that Warhawk should be on there, and so should Crash Commando. While burn zombie burn is great fun it certainly shouldn't be on that list. But hey it's just his opinion we don't have to agree.

KingME4085d ago

It would be nice to get HS and Uncharted, but they've been out way too long for Sony to not have lowered the price on them. They would both be good titles to own if they were in the 30 dollar range.

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CharlesDCI4086d ago

lots of games should be on the list, but its his opinion so its all good.

Salta_nelas4086d ago

Available i would take these:

Wipeout HD
Killzone 2
Motorstorm PR
Heavenly Sword

Sir Ken_Kutaragi4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

Now my - 10 Must Haves For The 'ChatBox 360' are -
1.Gears of War
2.Gears of War 2
3.Halo 3

-x.Red.x-4085d ago

gears and halo!

oh wait... im stumped... can't think of any...

Etseix4085d ago


oh....... this article miss out great games like LBP, VC, :S

News4fanboys4086d ago

good the guy above me said,its his opinion so all is well.

i apsolutely LOVED heavenly sword and am glad its up there as well.
all thos games on his list are very good ,only one that i like the least is Street fighter 4 but thats me... burn zombie burn is a very fun game CO-OP,single is allright but co-op is were its at.
tekken 5 is def worth it,i just bought it a few days ago and am proud i did as its sooo fun.

i would pretty much add all ps3 exclusives (disk only) to the list as they are all pretty much awesome and worth playing,yes even haze and def lair imo.